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Puffer Jackets: the choice

Now a must-have winter wardrobe item, the puffer jacket finds itself well and truly in good company in 2019/2010! Adopted by VIPs and street-style stars alike, we adore this style that's as cosy as it is practical. The proof? Even Hollywood mega star Will Smith stepped out in his very own red XL model in Moncler's last campaign. But when there's so much on offer, what to choose? Feather down or synthetic, and what material? Here we bring you the face-off of the week.

the feather down puffer jacket
  • Super light and squashable!
  • Very warm and quilted
  • More expensive
  • More difficult to wash
  • If a tear appears, feathers can escape
the synthetic puffer jacket
  • Less breathable, a little heavier and stiffer
  • Water-resistant
  • Accessible pricing
  • Easy to care for
  • Even with a bit of rough and tumble, no stuffing will come loose!

Our selection of synthetic puffer jackets

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Our selection of feather down puffer jackets

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