French fashion house Bonpoint maintains its chic reputation with typically unique and well-made tailoring, its sweet "Bonpoint Cherry" logo and its famous Bonpoint Perfume. Shop the most beautiful pieces from the brand: from little girls' Bonpoint dresses to coats and baby pyjamas. The Bonpoint brand, founded in 1975 by Marie-France and Bernard Cohen, represents 40 years of French 'savoir-faire' and creativity in children's fashion. Bonpoint childrenswear embodies pure French elegance, positioned between tradition and modernity, sophistication and humour. The Bonpoint story Bonpoint is the brand for 0-12 year olds that parents are smitten with. Since 1975, it has risen to the ranks of a "French fashion house for children". A brand like no other and a "Made in France" success story that's an absolute wardrobe must-have. For its founder, Marie-France Cohen, as well as the current Artistic Director, Esther Loonen, Bonpoint is much more than just a brand: it's a lifestyle that is passed on from generation to generation. "For many of our customers, Bonpoint represents a cherished childhood memory that they want to pass on to their children", affirms Christine Innamorato. Resolutely bourgeois boho, the Bonpoint style is centred around a look that's "neither bland nor fashion victim" continues the Artistic Director. Classic yet on-trend, the Bonpoint collections are packed with French style that sees smock dresses, Liberty prints, cherry motifs and Peter Pan collars jostle alongside children's clothing that has a more rock-inspired look. From its newborn collection to its range for babies, and the lines for girls and boys, each Bonpoint piece is injected with French know-how, designed in an atelier and meticulously crafted. The Bonpoint collections Each season is segmented in line with the brand's luxury codes. Bonpoint is the main collection with spring-summer and autumn-winter catwalk shows that feature in Vogue. Also on offer are a Bonpoint Cruise collection, Pre-Fall line, Bonpoint Christmas clothing range and, a recent addition, the Bonpoint Couture line. In addition to signature Bonpoint pieces, such as dressesjumperscoats or pyjamas for babies, the clothing label offers a full brand experience with "l’Eau de Bonpoint", its famous orange blossom perfume, as well as a skincare range for children and adults, YAM, the Bonpoint clothing line for teens, a women's clothing collection and, coming soon, a bedding collection. Very Important Kids The mini-me fashion championed by Bonpoint has had mums and fashion editors swooning for over 40 years now. Drawn to the brand's universe rooted in family values, its bold stylists and all the Bonpoint collections on offer, they leave a trail of numerous new fashion addicts who extend far beyond the French borders. From Victoria Beckham to Katie Holmes, through to Angelina Jolie, Claudia Schiffer and Michelle Obama: they have all succumbed to the French Bonpoint charm, dressing their little girls and boys in this exceptional, chic clothing.

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