Synonymous with femininity and freedom of spirit, Chloé is the vision of its legendary French founder, Gaby Aghion. With a desire to create sweet, feminine clothes made of fabrics that did not constrain the body, Aghion debuted her first Chloé collection in 1956 and introduced a new concept: luxury ready-to-wear. Today, little fashionistas are delighted to find some of the same styles spotted on the women’s Chloé runways in pint-sized form. Here you can find ultra-chic Chloé girls dresses, skirts, and Chloé shoes and accessories. Also, don't miss out on the Chloé baby line! The story of Chloe The Chloé brand reflects the personality of its founder: "a dark beauty and a bohemian spirit". Chloé is above all the remarkable destiny of Gaby Aghion, a French citizen born in Alexandria in 1922 who changed the course of fashion forever. Gaby Aghion was a free thinker who very soon rejected the rigid forms of fashion, and in Paris in 1952, launched the Chloé brand (borrowing the name of her friend Chloé Huysmans). She was greatly inspired by the colours of the desert and Egyptian cotton robes and wanted to produce soft feminine clothing in fluid fabrics. The pieces were already made, available, of excellent quality and only required minor alteration. At the high end which was very couture-oriented at the time, Gaby Aghion had just invented a new concept: luxury ready-to-wear. Hélène Lazareff, the young founder of ELLE magazine, was captivated by the pieces and the success of the Chloé brand was assured. From Karl Lagerfeld to Stella McCartney via Phoebe Philo and Natacha Ramsay-Levi, the greatest designers have ensured that the brand lives on without losing its identity. Earthy and sandy shades, diaphanous romantic fabrics, the legendary look of the house of Chloé is instantly recognisable. Chloe for children The Chloe childrenswear range is an exact replica of the Chloé style adapted for little girls. At Chloé, there's an alphabet that unites mother and daughter. C for 'Confident': Chloe is all about self-confidence and independence. Every season, the 'like mother, like daughter' mini-mes abound and pass on this essential value to the women of tomorrow. H for 'Happy': "All I've ever wanted is for Chloe to have a joyful spirit and make people happy", said Gaby Aghion. With Chloé for girls, it's guaranteed. L for 'Light': the Chloé colour palette is more than ever inspired by Egypt, Gaby Aghion's country of birth. From dresses to trousers via Chloé blouses for children, this soft natural light colours the entire girls' wardrobe. O for 'Optimistic': the fresh, light, spontaneous Chloé style is more than ever embodied in the Chloé ranges for girls and baby girls. E for 'Effortless': elegance and casual style or 'effortless chic' are in the fashion DNA of Chloé clothing, from the women's range to the girls' range and through to the baby clothes.