Ralph Lauren

After getting his start in the industry selling neckties under his own label Polo in 1967, it was not long before Neiman Marcus took note of the designer’s well tailored and classic style, launching this self-made man into the international lime light of fashion and design. Coining the original polo button-down collar shirt, Ralph Lauren embodies the all-American spirit, and that is especially true of the brand’s childrenswear collection. Featuring full kid’s collections, Ralph Lauren kids is complete with everything from casual clothes to beautiful ceremony pieces. Between girl’s Ralph Lauren dresses and classic Polos for boys, everyone has access to American-chic thanks to this must-have brand.

The Ralph Lauren lifestyle "Life is my inspiration. It's an invitation to make the most of every moment, to rejoice in our bountiful surroundings, the clothes that we wear in our style and our choices, passing by our way of loving.” Declared Ralph Lauren. More than just a clothing brand, Ralph Lauren is a true lifestyle that has its roots in the modern history of the USA. Always very preppy, Ralph Lauren's look takes inspiration from the Ivy League style of students from the biggest American universities. Cord cut blazers and baseball jackets blend brilliantly with shirts and chino trousers. A long term inspiration, Ralph Lauren's sailing look. The master's DNA has a wind of freedom blowing through it and a desire for open spaces on land or sea. We love the “John Kennedy on holiday” look of the brand with a host of polo shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, t-shirts and bermuda shorts, so stylish. Ralph Lauren for children As for the children's line, Polo Ralph Lauren Children regularly steals the show from the adults. In addition to respecting Ralph Lauren's style to the letter, the special girls, boys and baby ranges unveil collections on the catwalks and advertising campaigns where the hottest millenials pose take influencers by storm. From wardrobe essentials to casual clothing passing by Occasionwear, Polo Children is a miniature replica of the best of Ralph Lauren for children 0-14 years old. The labels' most iconic styles - like Ralph Lauren polo, the Polo Bear jumper, the white shirt, the T-shirt with the US flag, the baseball jacket or the blazer with the Ralph Lauren shield - are available in mini me versions. And because at Ralph Lauren, elegance is a family thing, all other items in the children's collection copy and paste the emblematic aesthetic of the label. Excellent quality, numerous items of clothing for girls, boys and babies, Ralph Lauren children accompanies them from birth through to adolescence in the greatest style.

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