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A weekend in the country

It's a fact – spring is the season of parties in the countryside, and the wardrobe to match. From denim shorts to all-terrain shoes, we have the perfect pieces for country life.

According to French author Jules Renard, "The countryside lends itself to all the meanderings of dreams." Whether the sun is shining or blocked by clouds, whether it is raining or windy, it matters not: fresh air and some greenery always do us good. This applies both to parents tired of the urban life and to kids in need of contact with nature, that perpetual source of wonder.
The objective, luggage-wise, is not to be too weighed down for this 48-hour escape. Aim for the simplest yet most effective holiday wardrobe possible. Go for ultra-comfortable denim shorts and overalls, a pair of Doc Martens (they won't bat an eyelash at a bit of mud), soft cardigans and practical, well designed backpacks.
There are striped, flower and checked prints for all weathers, while animals, as usual, will be the heroes of the adventure. In case you don't meet a fox or rabbit on your country walks, they can always be displayed on fun, stylish accessories. The grass is definitely greener in the countryside!