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Going on an egg hunt

Easter is perfectly timed at the brink of spring to free children's fashion from sweaters and winter colors. Let the outdoor games begin!

Looking for chocolate in the garden is no longer just the stuff of story books. It requires attention, agility and, as always, style. First, a wicker basket is a must, with tassels if possible. Then, a floral romper or preppy, gray ensemble. Go for softer colors or discreet spangles, to reflect the sweet treats we exchange at Easter and their gorgeous packaging. Don't hesitate to go to town with your kids' outfits. Little chicks have come to play on prints this season, while flowers are also a firm favorite. The white rabbit, straight out of Alice in Wonderland, is raring to go. Whatever the age and wherever the location: Easter means fun, festivities... and food, lots of food. The Easter period marks the beginning of the season of christenings, weddings and other exciting celebrations, and reveals the styles on offer for spring-summer, which, in 2017, are "country" through and through. The garden awaits.