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spring - summer 2021 trend

Short shorts

You can’t help it in summer. Trousers get cropped and turn into shorts. This very noticeable trend from women’s fashion has transitioned into children’s wear. Let’s break down the shorts that make the season. In summer, you want free legs, short clothes and to feel the breeze on your calves, from age 0 to 14. A must-have for summer wardrobe, shorts are getting a makeover this season by becoming super fashion forward. Our designers have redesigned this iconic piece, starting with Billieblush. The French brand has taken inspiration from the 80s by coming up with an aerobics version with an optional hair bandanna. Tartine et Chocolat, and Carrément Beau have gone back to a softer, dressy version of shorts by adding some lovely feminine bows. Levi’s has some timeless shorts on offer in denim. In short, shorts go with any legs.

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