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Constantly being reinvented, the ready-to-wear kids' sportswear collections offer pieces to turn into outifts both classic and timeless as well as more original items that offer constant surprises. Whether you like a look that's put together or completely mismatched, sportswear is a trend that mixes causual with high-fashion, that's not just for the running track. When they're out and about, kids love to feel comfortable!


Kids sportswear: timeless essentials for any child's closet


From kids' tracksuits and leggings to sweatshirts and shorts from cult brands like Adidas, Puma and Lacoste, we have everything to make the perfect outfit to hit the streets. Each season, these essential pieces are there to keep up with the energetic and hectic lives that kids lead on a daily basis and there's nothing more practical than putting on a tracksuit, sneakers or an illustrated sweatshirt. Sportswear is becoming a trend that adapts to every lifestyle, whether it's ultra sporty or city chic. And if you want to play with styles and have fun with bright colors, anything is possible with this trend, which defies the rules of fashion to make new, exciting and on-trend outfits. At Melijoe, we've pur together a selection of pieces, which will perfectly fit into your closet! With diverse prints and an assortment of bright colors, find your style with Molo, MSGM and Stella McCartney as well as iconic tracksuits from Kenzo, Adidas, Puma and even Diesel. All you have to do is make your choice! And don't forget your kids' sneakers to make their outfits truly unique. With trainers, socks, backpacks, visers and caps from Melijoe, you'll have everything you need to complete their sporty look.


Sportswear is still as popular as ever and continues to be loved by trendsetters, both young and old. Easy and comfortable clothes are no longer just for lazy Sundays. Instead, both parents and children are hitting the streets in all our favorite sporty styles: bombers or jackets, sweatshirts, jeans or trackpants, and of course kids' sneakers are all you need for a look to walk for miles without getting tired. Not forgetting the babies, we have adorable sportswear looks for our smallest trendsetters. With mix and match sets, sweatshirts, joggers and baby tracksuits, little ones can also enjoy mini versions, to move about, tire themselves out or lay back comfortably in their stollers, watching the world go by. It's a style that suits the whole family and even if your children want to pick their own clothes, they're only a click away from their dream outfit! Babies may leave it to the parents to decide, but as they grow up, children want to make their own mark in the playground and designers are eager to have their pieces on all our future fashionistas. So from color and prints to designs and fabrics, the possibilities are endless with sportswear and rest assured our much-loved classics such as the Adidas tracksuit will always be there for comfort while our more trendy pieces will have your kids standing out on the street.


Which are the best sportswear looks for girls?


For girls, the possibilities are endless. The minimalism of a boy's wardrobe is evident in girls' sportswear: tracksuits, joggers and even sweatshirts are all pieces that could easily be borrowed from big brothers! Girls' tracksuits, much like boys' tracksuits are ultimately known for their comfort, while being ultra practical! Your little girl can quickly get dressed in the morning and easily wear their sporty-chic outfit all day, before going to her evening activities. Even on their own, jogging pants are a true staple in kids' closets and girls' joggers have really become a must-have. Their loose fit and elasticated waistband make them very popular for their unparalleled comfort, and whatsmore, your daughter can wear them at home and even out and about. Why not combine them with a total sportswear look or mix them with more dressy pieces for a urban-chic outfit. For example, the girls' hoodie is totally wearable everyday. With its loose fit, a hoodie is perfect over a skirt for a more streetwear look, over jeans for a classic look and equally good over joggers for a more sporty look! And popular from winter into spring, girls' sportswear is as adaptable as it is trendy.


Another trendy piece of girls' sportswear is the ever-versatile leggings! Under a skirt, a dress, to go to the gym or just lounge around, leggings are as essential in a girl's closet as joggers or sweatshirts, to wear indoors or outdoors. Nothing is off the cards when it comes to their design. With crazy prints, embroidery, silkscreen prints and bright colours, there is really something for everyone. Although usually made from cotton jersey, other materials can also be mixed to make pieces such as jeggings, offering an ultra-confortable denim look, for girls on the go. Plain or patterned, the girls' sports bra is a super trendy and staple piece in her sportswear wardrobe, and for a comfy and cute look, why doesn't she choose one that matches her favorite leggings? And let's not forget about our super adaptable girls' skirts, dresses and shorts, which have also been given a refresh to be even more versatile on the playing field. But we don't want your daughter to be limited to just there: every piece of of girls' sports clothes are perfect for any occasion on any day of the week.


Which are the best sportswear looks for boys?


For the boys, sportswear has never been more on trend! And a tracksuit is at the top of every boy's wish list. To go for a walk at the weekend, to meet up with friends for an impromptu sports session or to hang out at home, all brands such as Adidas, Moncler or Diesel are taking on this urban classic, scaled down for our little men. Joggers, which make up part of the boys' (or girls') tracksuits is also available in various prints, colors and materials. The wide variety of choices makes picking their outfits fun and keeps sportwear as an absolute favorite for boys in the playground. Whether they're heading to play sports or simply going outside to have fun, putting on a tracksuit or mix and matching a sweatshirt with a pair of leggings is always a good idea, and the easiest choice of look. Opting for either a classic sweatshirt or a zip-up hoodie on the top and boys' joggers on the bottom is without doubt the look that every boy is going for right now. On sunnier days, sport shorts are a more summery option, to stay cool and comfortable, and why not pair them with t shirt or polo shirt and boys' sneakers for the perfect look. Picking your ultilmate pair of sneakers is simple with the wide variety on offer, including Adidas Stan Smiths, Chuck Taylor Converse and even New Balance sneakers, which have taken the hearts of kids and parents alike!


Which are the best looks for babies?


Who said that babies can't get involved with the sportswear trend too? Certainly not us. Mini versions of all the outfits their big brothers and sisters are wearing are available too, including tracksuits from Adidas and Puma. Mix and match zip-up hoodies with joggers to get a baby dressed in no time and why not put them in sport shorts and a printed t shirt for an easy look in the morning. Although before the summer months hit, keep them warm in a range of baby sweatshirts. Plain, branded or patterned, we're sure you'll find one that will fit perfectly into your baby's closet. In endless patterns and prints, keep your baby on-trent with every color of baby girl leggings for a practical and fun look for them to wriggle about in. Finally our range of baby sneakers is as wide as our that for our older kids! Many classic styles have been made mini so that our babies have just as much choice!


Girl, boy or baby... all our kids can look great in sportswear thanks to our wide range of collections and varied mix of iconic styles, prints and colors. There's never been a better time to hit the streets in joggers, wear sneakers off the running track or rock a super stylish hoodie. This trend, made popluar in the 90s and endlessly reimagined by designers doesn't seem like its going anywhere anytime soon!