Sleepwear boutique

Heavy eyes, sleepy smiles…it seems bedtime is approaching. It’s time to put on their favorite pajamas and tuck them tightly. At Melijoe, we’ve selected the most beautiful pajama sets so that your child has everything they need for a good night sleep.


Which pajamas for boys?


For your little boy, a set of matching children’s pyjamas is perfect to avoid having to think for too long about what to wear to bed that night. T-shirt and pants for winter and shorts or Bermuda’s for the summer, he’ll appreciate the loose material and elastic waistband for a peaceful night of sleep. Your child is resisting the tiredness and wants to stay up? A little Petit Bateau printed dressing gown is perfect to throw on over their pajamas to relax and stay warm. Easy to slip off when they finally give in to sleep. For a more chic and dressy children’s pajamas, the patterned muslin from Bonpoint or checked versions from Petit Bateau is a great way to combine fashion and comfort. Another timeless and necessary piece needed when getting your kids ready for bed: the bathrobe. Fantasy themed at Molo or striped at Petit Bateau, warm up and dry off quickly with this essential item.


Which pajamas for girls?


Girls are also lucky when it comes to our selection of children’s pajamas. A little more fancy and colorful, girls’ pajamas are patterned with gingham, floral, liberty, or hearts for a cute and romantic touch. Two-piece children’s pajamas are a must-have, with top and shorts, t-shirt and pants or t-shirt and leggings for guaranteed comfort and a peaceful sleep. The girl’s nightgown is here to stay and remains trendy and easy to put on before going to bed. The girl's version of the dressing gown can be found in a number of pastel colors and is as soft as a cloud, so she can wrap herself up and stay warm before closing her eyes and start dreaming. For casual and chic pajama sets, Bonpoint remains a must-have, but there are also versions from other designers who have recently launched fancier pieces to make your children's nights as stylish as their days. And for maximum comfort after bathtime, the bathrobes are there to add a bit of pink, prints or stripes to your nightime look. Your children's nights have never been so comfortable and trendy.


Which pajamas for babies?


For baby pajamas, we’ve spoilt you for choice! Printed, illustrated, with collar, velvet or embroidered, just choose the version you prefer to take baby straight into their crib. With its integrated feet, snap buttons and easy to close zippers, the baby pajamas are practical to put on. Your baby will feel comfortable to wiggle with ease while sleeping. And to make sure you’ve got everything you need for as soon as they arrive, children's fashion brands like Chloé, Gucci or Moschino have lots of fun matching pyjamas with accessories such as hats and bibs so that baby has everything they needs as soon as they arrives. With all this, it is certain that baby will be fully prepared to take on the world!


Don’t forget the essentials! Children's underwear is a basic need so that your girls and boys can get dressed when they jump out of bed or even sleep with it, if they wish. For boys, the classic underpants and tank top combo will work wonders. Printed, illustrated or with a logo, the boxer shorts come in different versions and your boy will not find it hard to choose ones he’s loves from of our selection. For girls, a tank top with cotton underwear or shorts will be the ideal choice to make her feel comfortable. She can also opt for sets with signature bralette for even more comfort during the day. As for baby, a bodysuit is the perfect option before getting dressed. Timeless basics, it is the ideal first layer to let him wiggle around in and dress him easily afterwards.


What would help your baby fall asleep easily? A cuddly toy or a plush toy, of course! At Melijoe, we haven't forgotten this essential sleeping companion for every baby. For a trip to space, the JellyCat astronaut plush will take them straight to the stars. If animals are more their thing, JellyCat and Tartine et Chocolat's soft bunnies will cuddle your baby for a peaceful night's sleep. Bears, hedgehogs and mini elephants are also there to entertain children of every age. At Melijoe, you’ll find everything you need for your child to spend peaceful nights, pyjamas on and a cuddly toy by their side.