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Aden + Anais

For generations, Australians have wrapped babies in cotton muslin blankets. With its elasticity, durability and softness, this specific fiber has accompanied babies and toddlers since birth. The founder of Aden + Anais reproduces clothing from these traditional must-haves. A large swaddle can be used as a shoulder bib, a nursing blanket, a cover for the stroller, a cover for the changing table and/or it can be used as a sturdy diaper. The brand also offers other baby care essentials such as sleeping bags or bibs with collectible prints.

Swaddle your little one in Aden + Anais

Why bother with swaddles? Swaddles are multi-functional square-cut fabrics that simplify any new mum's life... but they should be chosen with care.

Rule No.1: Choose the right material

New born swaddles are a daily essential, but they will come into contact with food, toiletries and bodily fluids. It's important to choose a swaddle that's highly absorbant and resistant. So, surely cotton's the best fabric? Aden + Anais have produced a range of swaddles in cotton muslin and organic bamboo. They're long-lasting, machine washable, get softer with each wash, dry very quickly and don't need to be ironed. Plus they feature adorable, delicate prints that range from vintage to fashionable to cute Disney characters.

Rule No.2: Choose the right size

Aden + Anais have two swaddle sizes to choose from - a 70cm 'classic' and a 120cm 'maxi'. Ideally you should use both sizes, depending on what you need to do.

The Aden + Anais 'classic' swaddle

- Bib: The classic swaddle can be tied around a baby's neck as a bib to absorb any spillages or regurgitated food. Kiss goodbye to changing your top four times a day!
- Shoulder protector: Essential if you little one regurgitates when you burp them.
- Comforter: A+A's classic swaddle makes a great comforter that gets softer with each wash and is handily sold in double packs.
- Furniture protector: Whether it's a car seat, baby lounger or a pram.
- As a throw: These swaddles work well as a cosy throw to protect your baby from draughts!

The Aden + Anais 'maxi' swaddle

Aden+ Anais's maxi swaddle can be used for the same things as the classic version,
but it's large size makes it even more multi-functional: full-body swaddle, sleeping bag, washable nappy, mattress protector, play mat, nursing shawl... Just pop it into your bag, pram or baby carrier safe in the knowledge that it's one of the most practical accessories you can have.