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Zimmermann has been lighting up the world of fashion since 1991. At the company's helm, two Australian sisters, the creative talent behind an ultra-stylish boho line designed for sunny days. The children's collection for girls from 12 months to 10 years old takes its style cues from the women's range, combining femininity with a passion for strong prints. Famous for its swimwear and its floaty, diaphanous dresses, Zimmermann is a veritable ode to leisure and relaxation.

"Zimmermann is one of those atypical brands with its own strong character." An Australian fashion house founded in 1991 by sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmermann, the brand directly evokes ocean sunsets, summer heat and the carefree insouciance of holidays. Nicky is the brand's designer. Her mother and grandmother began teaching her to sew when she was still just a very young child. Once she reached adulthood, she began selling her first dresses on the markets in Sydney. Success was quick in coming, both with the public and with industry professionals. The fashion magazines heaped praise on her original creations. Following on from the dresses, the sisters decided to innovate by adding a line of swimwear. Since its launch, Zimmermann swimwear has enjoyed absolute iconic status. The Zimmermann style is stand-out unique and instantly recognisable. The collections combine a floaty, diaphanous look with feminine details such as frills, embroidery, elaborate cuts and, in particular, prints that lend themselves especially well to children's fashions. Each Zimmermann girl's dress or swimwear item comes in abundantly floral, polka dot or striped designs. Even though these are for our kids' wardrobes, they are veritable works of art, both in the cuts and in the fabrics! Asked about the spirit behind the brand, Nikki responds, "Optimistic, contemporary. We like to enjoy ourselves with fashion." And that hits just the right note. Your children, too, can embark on this fun cruise with Zimmermann fashions.