An iconic brand among hipsters and skateboarders, Volcom also offers boy clothes as cool as the adult versions. Volcom is a must-have in the extreme sports industry. The American brand creates streetwear clothing and accessories with a recognizable logo that almost all extreme sports lovers will know. From hoodies to Volcom child caps to coats and jackets, the brand is developing its own lifestyle and must-haves. Quality, comfort, sports performance, creativity, and avant-garde: welcome to Volcom.

The world of Volcom

Volcom's universe is visually centred around its diamond-shaped logo, 'The Volcom Stone'. This logo graces all the brand's must-have garments, which are popular in skate culture... a trend that's exploded despite all the odds. Fortunately for Volcom, board sports have hit the world stage and, with the help of Instagram, the brand has become a favourite with millenials.

Their motto 'True to this' reflects their philosophy and their style is in tune with what the latest generation want to wear. Sporty, understated, efficient, durable, ethical... This specialist brand has all the qualities that surfers, skaters and snowboarders seek. But there's more to Volcom than cool clothes for cool kids and teenagers - this brand has more up its sleeve! Volcom is also a community involved in sporting events, concerts and festivals, as well as being a brand that has its own music label, Volcom Entertainment.

Volcom for kids

We're not surprised to see how Volcom boys' clothes have invaded skateparks, sports and playgrounds. A snug fit, top quality fabrics... Volcom combines technical expertise with a cool, urban style. Its famous logo parka, T-shirts and sweatshirts are both practical and easy-to-wear: kids' clothes that is comfy, stylish and sturdy. The iconic Volcom cap is an everyday accessory with a 90s twist that young rebels love! 'Youth Against Establishment' is another of the brand's slogans. Youth, independence and creativity are part of Volcom's DNA, with sporty boys' lines that are both casual and bursting with imagination.