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Specialing in outdoor clothing, Napajiri takes their inspiration from Norway's extreme weather conditions and reimagines children's clothing for the modern explorer. From Napajiri jackets to polar fleece to ski pants and hats, the Italian brand gives a touch of fashion to tradition winter clothing. Between innovative materials and current trends, Napapijri children's clothing will give the little ones a stylish winter look.

The return of Napapijri

For several seasons now, the large fashion houses (including Balenciaga) have been drawing their inspiration from technical clothing brands. Layered parkas, dad shoes and ski pants regularly crash the internet and bring the big outerwear brands into the fashion sphere, led by Napapijri. Plugged into the "90s hiking" trend, the Italian brand – which is not obvious by its name – reigns supreme as a supplier of specialist kit for extreme temperatures. It also has a heritage and style that makes the brand what it is today.

The Napapijri story

Taking much of its inspiration from Ernest Shackleton, the heroic Antarctic explorer, Napapijri explores the world pole to pole and aspires to be the brand that accompanies travellers in their discovery of the great outdoors.

The brand was founded by Giuliana Rosset in the Aoste Valley, in Italy. The young woman set about manufacturing mountain bags and technical clothing with a Nordic inspiration, embroidered with numerous badges, in the style of the first polar explorers. The pieces bearing a Norwegian flag were a big hit, to the extent that other models disappeared and the flag ended up becoming the brand's logo. An Italian brand with a Norwegian logo, but a Finnish-sounding name, Napapijri is a sportswear label that specialises in outdoor accessories and clothing. It is also a brand stamped with a unique philosophy, the symbol of a new fashion world that is environmentally aware.

Napapijri Kids

Napapijri is also about numerous must-haves that are responsible for the brand's success. The Italian kit supplier develops its key pieces in a highly desirable Napapijri Kids range. On the menu, the famous Skidoo over-the-head parka and the Rainforest parka are available in unisex versions for children aged 4-14 years. Furthermore, Napapijri offers a wide range of children's ski, cold weather and winter clothing, from basic fleeces through to waterproof hooded sweatshirts, hats and ski jackets. All branded with the famous logo, Napapijri Kids' technical clothing combines trends and performance for the cosiest holidays ever...