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Karl Lagerfeld Kids

Black glasses, a wisp of white hair, an iconic white shirt collar and slim-fit pants. Karl Lagerfeld has arrived at Melijoe! The designer unveils a collection that is Kreative, iKoniK, Kool and aKcessible, inspired by his personal style. Kids' fashion according to Karl Lagerfeld? Tuxedo tailoring mixed with pops of color and a surprise guest: Choupette! We're smitten with the designer's super fashionable feline who makes a special appearance in kids' fashion. ThanK's, Karl!

The Karl Lagerfeld's story

Visionary, eclectic, iconic -in the Age of Enlightenment, Karl Lagerfeld would certainly have been one of the enlightened. As a stylist, photographer, editor, designer and creator, he developed a world where everything was perfectly under control, where every detail is of the utmost importance. His cartesian spirit gave birth to a highly structured, ultra-modern style, a look that rewrote the graphic codes that were all his own.

Karl Lagerfeld instinctively seized each molecule of the atmosphere and transformed it into the ambiance of the moment. Born in Hamburg in 1938, he won fame brilliantly in the Paris fashion world from 1954 and set-up as a freelance stylist for the great fashion houses. Paris, Rome, London, Berlin...wherever he went, Karl never inspired indifference.

A true style chameleon, Karl never stops refining his own look, which he expressed in his eponymous line, the Karl Lagerfeld brand, launched in 1984. With his own label and his position at the head of a legendary Fashion house, Karl Lagerfeld is an insatiable fashion designer.
He remains connected to the world around him and opens a new fashion chapter every day. Lagerfeld Gallery, “mass elitism”, collaborations, photography, staging and today Karl Lagerfeld Kids, a range of clothing for children by Karl Lagerfeld, one thing's for sure: the designer has not yet revealed all his secrets.

Karl Lagerfeld Kids: Karl Lagerfeld's children's clothing range

Black sunglasses, beautiful white hair, an iconic collar and slim-fit jeans. This is Karl Lagerfeld without a doubt! The Kaiser of couture shows off his stylish, rock look in black & white in a children's clothing collectionswhich is full of must-haves, Karl Lagerfeld Kids.

Kreative, Ikonic, Kool and AKcessible: that's Karl Lagerfeld Kids' 'style mantra'.
Unique on the children's clothing market, the label offers a complete wardrobe for girls, boys and babies from 0 to 16 years old that's both luxurious and accessible. As for the look: the 'stylish, androgynous rock' style of Karl Lagerfeld Kids is embellished with a few humoristic essential for Karl. Have you heard of a 'Karlism'?

T-shirts, slim-fit jeans, blazers, leather jackets, Karl Paris and Karl Kameo mini me, stylish dresses, sweatshirts, trainers, jogging bottoms, bags...each Karl Lagerfeld item meets the codes of the brand's label and sometimes, in embroidered, printed or in sequin version, Choupette the stylist's super cat can be found playing on several pieces.