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Among one of the most famous Parisian fashion houses, Balmain continues to infuse his "beautiful lady" facade by incorporating the emblematic signatures of Monsieur Pierre Balmain into the collections. The modern day version provides a twist of the classic along with an eccentric and bold, rock n' roll look. Creative Director, Olivier Rousteing, created a children's version of his iconic looks resulting in designs that are just as good as the adult versions. He's included the double-breasted logo, the Balmain logo t-shirts or the Balmain leather jacket for babies.

The story of Balmain

Extreme femininity summarises the look of the Balmain fashion house, founded by Pierre Balmain in 1945. The couturier set up his eponymous company and very soon brought new life to French Haute Couture with his glamorous visionary style. Embroidery, cinched waists and imposing skirts made the house of Balmain the favourite brand of elegant sexy Hollywood stars. Pierre Balmain became an extraordinary couturier who enhanced women's bodies by accentuating their curves in a totally luxurious fashion.

It's not surprising then that 66 years later Olivier Rousteing should be named as Balmain's artistic director. The highly gifted, flamboyant designer took the Balmain style to new heights with a deliberately sexy 'street couture' look.
Gold, lamé, transparency and slender silhouettes flooded Instagram from Olivier Rousteing's very first collection: the #BalmainNation was born. The young designer's secret? To address his generation with social media as his favoured communications channel. Not content with being the creative head of one of the biggest French fashion brands, Olivier Rousteing has millions of followers on Instagram, including many celebrities. His best friends? The #BalmainArmy, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Rihanna and Beyoncé leading the pack. Balmain is a modern eclectic brand celebrating 21st century culture with ultra-luxe clothes that give star billing to today's music: "For me, fashion and music are indivisible (...) That's how my generation grew up: we're quite simply incapable of designing one without the other.", says the couturier.

Olivier Rousteing is following in Pierre Balmain's footsteps, with the help of the brand's amazing archives and the same couture savoir-faire and desire to create a knockout look. The gold, insignia, embroideries and pompoms, the fashion house's signature details, blend beautifully with the Balmain style according to Olivier Rousteing. Welcome to an immaculate couture look where quilted leathers, corsages and ultra-precise pleats elevate women's fashion to create what became known as 'power dressing', with a very luxurious amazon look. Balmain's men's fashions are equally covetable with an original, sexy and rebellious military-chic style.

Balmain for children

2016: Balmain launched Balmain Kids, the Balmain clothing range for 6-14 year-olds. At last, girls and boys get their own version of Balmain with a 'baroque rock' look and plenty of mini-me pieces, as well as sweatshirts and T-shirts with Balmain logos, and double-breasted peacoats. More than enough to continue the Balmain story...