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Eleven Paris

Iconic and an exact replica of the original, Eleven Paris for children created a subversive and spontaneous urban Parisian label in 2003. This brand reimagines playful t-shirts, introduces creative collections, and prestigiously collaborates with other brands. Blouses, t-shirts, dresses, jeans, sweatshirts...children won't be disappointed with their ultra-contemporary creative line from 3 months to 16 years.

Elevenparis. : the reasons for their success

The brand of Parisian hipsters which has been seducing fashionistas and people worldwide since 2003 has had a makeover. From now on, the Elevenparis. logo is written with a full-stop , which according to their website, is, “To mark the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new era.”

The French brand has succeeded in charming not only influencers but also (and more importantly) millions of cool teens over to their look.

Their strength is their identity. The collection of sweatshirts, t-shirts, parkas or casual clothing displays an armada of references to the 80s and pop culture, making each item a must-have. Collections by Elevenparis. have taken off because they touch the hearts of a generation of fans who will do anything to get their hands on the special 'World cup 2018' collection, dedicated to the glory of the French team, (released immediately after their victory) or the 'Brigitte' T-shirt which resembles Bernie Sanders' logo or the one with an image of Justin Bieber and the iconic Elevenparis. moustache.

The Elevenparis. advertising campaigns are also a must as they feature a host of celebrities as models. Lizzi Jagger, Lenni Kravitz, Iggy Pop, Kate Moss and, more recently, Gabriel Kane-Day Lewis or Pamela Anderson regularly pose for the label under the eye of Terry Richardson, Mathieu Cesar or Craig McDean. Their cool rock-style shoots Elevenparis. directly to the forefront of the ready-to-wear scene.

Elevenparis. for children

Elevenparis. for children dresses 4-16 year olds with the same codes as the main line. We met with the brand's artistic director, Alice Schmeltz.
She told us a little more about Elevenparis. for children, their style and the success of the label.

“Our strong, ultra-contemporary DNA seduces even the most exacting clients. Our identity has a direct link with the art and music it's always shifting. The days of a 'total look' for children are thankfully in the past! Parents prefer to dress their little blondies with a very 'mix & Match' wardrobe, rather than traditionally. Elevnparis. is a great example: we respect all the requirements of designing fashion for children, but the look takes great inspiration from the adult line. At heart, we want to make creative pretty things, in keeping with the light, playful spirit of children. Children have a ball on our photo shoots....and it shows.”