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In 1965, while dining at Café de la Paix in Paris, Léon Claude Duhamel had the idea to create clothing out of nylon to protect from the rain. From this idea, a colored, waterproof and unisex model was born and baptized the K-Way. Why K-Way? To make people believe the product was American of course! The K-Way concept, total liberty even in the rain, coupled with the flashy colors and a foldable pouch made the product a hit for generations to come. Today, K-Way has made a retro comeback into the wardrobes of adults and children with new styles, new materials and new prints. The tricolor brand stays true to their motto: fun first!

The return of K-Way

The current 80s meets streetwear resurgence has put an iconic French brand back on the map. K-Way has the wind in its sails! Trendy, pop-inspired windbreakers and cute 'Swinging Sixties' nylon jackets are the results of a brand that originally soared to fame during the 80s. Its was thanks to the French film 'La Boum' and its rising star Sophie Marceau that K-Ways came up with their classic navy pac-a-mac - a garment that got kids rushing to the shops in their quest to emulate their favourite characters. K-Way's added wow factor? Its 80s style banana pocket into which the windbreaker can be folded and the brand's famous 3-stripe elasticated belt.

Having somewhat disappeared from view, these French pac-a-macs, which have protected kids from the elements for generations, have made an impressive comeback. Artistic directors for some of the best-known brands have transformed these 'utilitarian' garments into colourful, branded must-haves that are now littering Instagram. K-Way is no exception and we've seen their designs waltz down the catwalk during Valentino and Fendi shows, add a sporty look to Mary Katranzou designs, clothe beachwear babes for Isabel Marant, add a finishing touch to the on-trend looks by A.P.C, Maje and IKKS, and even be included in a capsule collection by AMI. “Working with K-Way was an obvious choice for me," explains Alexandre Mattiussi, AMI's creator. "I've always love working with brands with whom I have a connection, a certain nostalgia. I wore a K-Way when I was younger and still do today."

K-Way for kids

A brand that's reinvented garments so adored by kids back in the day. You can now still treat your kids to the classic yellow K-Way that used to make us 'sing in the rain'. The brand has reissued this 'sacred' windbreaker for kids aged 4 to 14, who can enjoy its practical, hard-wearing features combined with its on-trend vintage look. Buying a K-Way for your child means you're investing in a quality French product as well as wearing a piece of French history. How? Because 30 years after its creation, the word 'K-Way' has entered the official French dictionary! More than just a brand name, K-Way is now a generic word for pac-a-mac! 'Nuff said!