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Calvin Klein

Who said the 80s and 90s would never return? Certainly not Calvin Klein! The brand is back and on top ever since the 90s trend has made a comeback. This is good news for adults and children alike because Calvin Klein now makes new minimalistic streetwear that offers the iconic Calvin Klein underwear sets for children: bra, panties, boxers... and even the famous Calvin Klein swimsuits made for 6 - 16-year-olds; bikini for girls and shorts for the boys.

The Calvin Klein story

"You need to know how to take your time, slow down, follow your instincts and experience sensuality every day. This is the very essence of truth", declared the head of the trendsetter cult, Calvin Klein.
Unlike a number of star brands from the 90s, Calvin Klein never fell into oblivion. The designer who turned minimalist style into the "art of living" has developed a casual fashion empire, from clothes to underwear through to jeans, sunglasses and perfume. The result? Calvin Klein is a staple of contemporary wardrobes with basics for men, women and children that are instantly recognisable. The pioneer of American minimalism, the New York-based designer alone represents the paradox between puritanism and shamelessness that defines his native country. Despite sensual, gender-fluid marketing campaigns (featuring Kate Moss or Brooke Shields) that are synonymous with the 80s and 90s, and which shocked America at the time, the Calvin Klein collections flew off the shelves.

The Calvin Klein style

Iconic, Calvin Klein's eponymous style of the 90s sends the catwalks of New York Fashion Week into a frenzy. We all remember Kate Moss at the Calvin Klein spring-summer 1993 catwalk show with her total CK Jeans look, or Cindy Crawford in 1991 with her gold Calvin Klein dress. Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow succumbed to the slip dress trend, a style invented by Klein and inspired by strappy nightdresses. Meanwhile, all the young trendsetters of the time were dressed in the style of the CK One advert directed by Steven Meisel, a mixture of underwear and CK jeans.

The Calvin Klein way

With a full-on 90s revival taking place, more than ever, Calvin Klein forms the style basis for the new fashion generation. Millennials, influencers and Instagram stars all pose in their Calvin Klein underwear or must-haves by the brand. Now headed up by Belgian Artistic Director Raf Simons, America's most famous fashion house unveils collections that are increasingly edgy and replete with nods to Trans-Atlantic pop culture. A rare thing, the brand has celebrities, fashion bloggers, men, women and children all in agreement, thanks to a practical wardrobe that transcends class and generations.

Calvin Klein Kids

Calvin Klein Kids brings parents and children together with basics that have become legendary. Items such as Calvin Klein underwear for girls aged 4 to 16 years, boxer shorts for boys, sports bras, cotton briefs, Calvin Klein leggings, tracksuits, pyjamas or swimming trunks fulfil the brand's main mission: to dress children in soft, comfortable clothes. Absolute must-haves, the Calvin Klein Kids underwear and casual clothing line both channel the brand's 90s DNA into a perfect mini-me wardrobe.