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The stars of show at Melijoe are Gucci! Since Alessandro Michele took over the Italian fashion house in 2015, our heads are turning with every new collection released. With a style inspired by Baroque and the 70s, Gucci remains the centre of the fashion universe. Each collection is an innovation for fashion and brings a new spirit of passion and inspiration to all. Favored by fans, fashionistas, professionals of the industry, Gucci puts a ‘joie de vivre’ into our wardrobes and they say YES!

The icons of the house of Gucci: the web strip and the GG

The three-color band (green, red and green) was born in the early 1950s. Invented by Guccio Gucci, the web stripe is a reference to the traditional English equestrian colors. It quickly became one of the brand's signatures, a distinctive sign recognizable among a thousand. The other emblem is the GG. These initials evoke its founder, Guccio Gucci. First used as a clasp, the GG is then worked on the leather and used as a symbol of the Italian house on all of their creations.

Gucci Tennis

While Gucci has a special sweet spot for the equestrian world, the Italian house also draws its inspiration from another favorite sport of the English Lords, tennis. The snowshoe logo, designed in 1987 for a Country Club, was taken from the Gucci archives and became a recurring motif. Ultra-elegant, the pair of snowshoes, like swords, are featured on collection for kids. Welcome to the Gucci Tennis Club!

Gucci, Maison de l’Amour

“Maison de l’amour”... Gucci's 2018 Spring-Summer fashion show. Ultra-creative, Alessandro Michele presented a dreamlike fashion show that mixed different genres and eras against a mysterious backdrop. Since then, this slogan has become an important recurring theme for the house and its artistic director, and has been repeated season after season.

Gucci's fascination with nature

In his collections, Alessandro Michele feels an important need to celebrate life, starting with nature. This need is a family legacy bequeathed by the father of the artistic director. Alessandro refers to his father as "a shaman who was always connected to nature and who spoke to the birds". Finally, Alessandro Michele draws lovingly from the past. Beginning with the Gucci archives, and then the historical periods.

Gucci Comedy

Of course, for the children, Gucci adds a playful touch. With a beautiful culture of the performing arts thanks to its Italian origins (think of the Commedia dell'arte...), Gucci brings children a half-circus half-animal theme for this winter.

The battle of the GUCCI sneakers

Gucci dresses our kids from head to toe and it’s precisely this last point that our battle is about. Shoes of dreams, the Gucci sneakers come in 4 Mini-Me versions of cult classics. But which ones should you choose? Follow this guide and your kids will end up with the perfect Gucci shoes on their little feet.