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8 tips not to lose sight of your children on the beach or in a crowd

MeliPoppins • Summer break

8 tips not to lose sight of your children on the beach or in a crowd

On vacation at the beach, where parents laze around and kids run and play… it’s easy to lose each other. Here are some safety tips for a stress-free break.


1 - Do a security brief upon arrival

Once you get there, make sure to tell them that the place is crowded and that he can quickly lose sight of you, hence the need to abide by the rules you gave them. Reassure them by telling them that even if he loses sight of you for a short while, he will eventually find you. The main thing is to remain calm.


2 - Stay very close to the youngster

A seagull, a wave, or another kid, nothing should take your mind off a youngster. The best safety tip is to stay very close to them. In a crowd, you want to keep them in his stroller.


3 - Set a fixed landmark

A child can run away quickly and travel a big distance without realizing it. On the beach, set a landmark together, where you agree to meet up if you lose each other. The parasol, a sand castle or the first-aid station on the beach for example. For teenagers looking to make new friends, give them a curfew.

In a crowd, same principle: spot together all the places where he can go to inform someone that he’s lost his parents. Make sure to identify with them who to reach out to for help.


4 - Dress them in bright colors

Arm floats, bathing suits, caps or flashy backpacks can make the tracking easier. A classic but efficient tool to spot your children on an over-crowded beach.


5 - Go for ID bracelet

ID bracelets can be found in all beaches’ first-aid stations and in some official tourism boards. You can also make your own. Just make sure it is waterproof and has your kid’s full name written on it as well as a parent’s phone number. To make sure your child knows where the first-aid station is, walk there with him to get the bracelet. Some parents also go for a nice temporary safety tattoo. Safety tattoos are waterproof and have a working phone number.

6 - Make them memorize the way from the beach to the house

If you walk it everyday, make sure your child knows the way so he can get home alone in case he needs to.


7 - Split the watch

Be it on a beach or at any crowded place, optimize the watch in a smart way: one child, one adult.


8 - Pick a rallying call

A high-pitched cry like the one of a mountain shepherd can appear odd but can help avoid a disaster! After picking your sound and teaching it to your child, use it when he is out of sight and trust your hearing.