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What are the common points between the adult and children's Scotch & Soda collections?
The vintage spirit, the artistry, the classic elements and in all our collections, graphics play an important role.
Tell us about the DNA of Scotch & Soda Kids?

Monsieur Shrunk is an adventure seeker, an exuberant collectioner who fears nothing, is cool and inviting. One day, Monsieur Shrunk has a rocker soul and the next day he transforms into a sailor and when the weekend arrives, he transforms into a dandy and dons his suit. He is a citydweller, a lead-singer who knows exactly what he is doing. Mademoiselle R'Belle is the quintessential dreamer. She's a rebel with a huge heart, the young girl who makes the impossible possible. Strange and marvelous, her extravagence makes her cool. Above all, she is the kindest girl that we have ever met.

Creating a children's collection poses different challenges than creating for adults. Why this choice?
I like the innocence and the fantasy of children. They live in a world where everything is possible and I like meeting this challenge. I have the impression to have more liberty to express my creativity. In fact, I have the feeling that I have the most freedom in the world!

Do you believe that children are too young for trends?
You are never too young to be fashionable! People's conception of children and fashion is is too old-school. Many brands make children's and adult's collections that are very different, we try to think about both with the same spirit. We never underestimate children: we appreciate their tastes and their strong opinions.