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Japan Special


“Blue Jeans”, “Jean Genie”, “Miss Blue Jeans”… pop stars have long hailed the virtues of the best selling bottoms in the world. Spotlight on denim jeans, the wardrobe staple.

From Nîmes to denim…
Everything started with the “Nimes twill”, a French tissue known for its ultra-resistant, diagonal weave. In the 18th century, the fabric crossed the Atlantic in the direction of America. There, the French name “de Nîmes”, signifying the origin of the cloth, was pronounced denim, becoming the definitive name and signaling the birth of the preferred material to produce jeans.

Becoming a cult classic
It was thanks to one brand in particular, Levi’s, that jeans rose in popularity in the 19th century. Levi Strauss and his partner, Jacob David, introduced on May 20, 1873, an instant classic: the Levi’s 501. One hundred and fourty years later, the model holds the world record for the most pairs sold…

Jeans from Genoa
Why the name jean? Once again, pronunciation changed the sense of the term. The word “jean” comes from Italian city “Genoa”, where blue sailor’s pants, faded by the salt water, gave birth to an iconic “Genoa blue”. This same color was used to dye denim jeans, which thanks to “Genoa” are now called jeans!

Levi’s in the United States, Diesel and Replay in Italy, Pepe Jeans in England, Le Temps des Cerises and Japan Rags in France… can you guess which other country is known for denim?

Japanese denim
In the jean industry, “made in Japan” has become a benchmark of quality. Japanese fabric, including the famous “selvedge denim”, has taken the fashion world by storm for millions of jean addicts. Fine materials, riveted cotton, savoir-faire, attention to detail and Japanese perfectionism make headlines when they come together to form immaculate, perfectly bleached or faded jeans that reflect the material’s mastery by the Land of the Rising Sun.