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Back to Cool

Put the back-to-school stress behind you! Melijoe is getting into “Cool School” mode and is making parents’ lives easier with 6 universe-stores with perfect selections.

My Sweet Sweater

The sweater has been an essential since the 1990s. It’s perfect for outdoor activities, but not only. From the most normcore to the most fashionable, the sweater is warm, soft, trendy and multi-purpose, which makes it GenZ’ lucky charm. Wear it over a skirt or with jeans or sweatpants, under a smart coat or a bomber, the sweater is the back-to-school special: choose it carefully. Good news: we have loads!

Bomber Fever

The bomber jacket, a true laid-back must-have, has a place in every fashionista's heart, from a very young age. Trendy and practical, the bomber jacket MUST be added to boys and girls’ back-to-school shopping list. Be it the classic bomber, the teddy bomber, embroidered, printed, or falling within the "souvenir jacket" trend, one thing is certain: every children fashion brand has released a signature bomber!

It's in the bag

And here comes the old back-to-school dilemma again: the schoolbag. Schoolbags for kids but also backpacks, all your favorite brands are on it. You’ll find every style: from iconic prints, to classics, to hard-wearing canvas or leather, front pockets, adjustable straps or wheels. Did you say It Bag?

Never without my sweatpants

While shopping for your back-to-school, remember to stop by the sweatpants aisle. Compulsory in gym class, today’s kids like to wear them in all situations and the fashion world gets it. Sweatpants are more and more elaborate, in a sporty chic spirit. So, will it be fleece, printed or satin? 1,2,3… Go!

Preppy Please

Kids are putting on their fashion uniform for an straight-A student look. White shirts check jskirts, blazers, patent leather shoes, berets, coat of arms... brands are perpetuating iconic school traditions.

The :) store

Welcome to the wonderful world of new generation emotions: emojis. While little ones use and abuse emojis to communicate, the big names of fashion are now following in their footsteps: from Stella McCartney to Marc Jacobs, designers see this back-to-school season through emoji eyes!