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Geek Culture • Kids Corner

My Little Geek

The top activities for little gamers.

The Bordeaux Geek Festival was created to bring together the sprawling geek community with exciting, transgenerational themes: Video Games, Comics, High-Tech, Parallel Worlds, Web-Culture and Science-Fiction. All of these areas compose what we sometimes call "pop culture" or geek culture. Who doesn't play video games ? Who didn't love the latest episode in the adventures of Batman and Captain America ? Who could resist getting swept up in The Lord of the Ring, Star Wars or a fantastic work of science fiction? Bring your little geeks to Bordeaux: the BGF 2016is THE family outing that everyone will agree on!

May 14,15 and 16 2016. More information here.

Experience life as Froddo and Bilbo live it, right in the heart of the Morvan region! Surrounded by 25 hectares of green, the Domaine de la Pierre Ronde was an ideal spot for building a Hobbit house. Nestled in a thicket right near a lake, this place stands out for its shiny round door and artful hinges. Yes, the Bilbo Baggins house is in France! From the living room, dining room and bathroom to the dishes, barbecue and children's linens, Tolkien's world has been recreated down to the last detail for an absolutely magical family break...