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 What kind of little girl were you?
A model child. Always dressed in white gloves, tights, headbands...and very well behaved!
What piece of clothing did you hate wearing?
Tights, gloves, everything that itched and that I was forced to wear! 
And your favorite clothing?
My nightgown and my bathrobe in rose colored flannel with a white lace collar! 
Describe to us the first fashion snapshot that left an impression on your childhood...
Possibly Audrey Hepburn. When I was little I watched her try on and buy the first sweaters created by my mother. It was at the Laura boutique owned by my parents. 
You are the daughter of one of the greatest designers of her time. When you were little, what relationship did you have with fashion? 
I wasn't interested in fashion, I was hopeless in sewing class! I still remember the words of my professor: "With a mother like Sonia Rykiel, how can you be so terrible at sewing?" I was rather indifferent towards fashion...
And as a mother, what does fashion mean to your daughters? 
They are fascinated by the talent of their grandmother. Fashion interests and amuses them and they have followed the development of Sonia Rykiel and my career very closely as well. They adore fashion like a great performance, as women and as a family adventure. Lola, my youngest daughter, brilliantly represents Sonia Rykiel in the United States. 
Free, intelligent and unconventional, the Rykiel woman is a reflection of your image. Could you describe to us the qualities of a Rykiel girl? 
Thank you for your compliments but you know "like mother, like daughter"!

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