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Stopover in Sicily

Master of art and tributes to folklore, the Italian brand kicks of Spring-Summer 2016 with iconic prints.
Does the word "carretto" ring a bell? The Italian name for wooden handcarts emblamatic of Sicily, the carts are true works of art that are sculpted and painted into a multitude of multi-colored works that are full of personality. Present on the island and decorated since ancient times, they not only serve to transport merchandise but also to tell the story of their owners. Chivalrous, romantic, burlesque and bucolic, themes vary in function of the regions, all the while remaining exceptional and highlighting the savoir-faire of great artisans. Fallen out of popular use after the industrial age, the "caretto siciliano" are still the pride of Sicilians. Following a series of fashion and Christmas gifts, Dolce & Gabbana reinvents its "folklore-chic" print to dress kids with a signature Italian allure.

Stopover in Sicily