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#6 Vers l'infiniment durable, et au-delà !


#6 Absolutely eco-responsible!

Check it out! A new addition to the Melijoe Magazine is here, welcome to Melijoe's eye. What's the eye? Why, it's the eye of our editorial team, who are mini-fashion mad!

We're going to bet you've seen it everywhere: recently, fashion has gone green-crazy. Heavily critized due to its less-than-stellar carbon footprint, the textile industry has had to upgrade its image and practises to keep up with ethical, ecological and socially responsible norms. By extension, kids' fashion has also been affected. But what, you might be asking yourself, does eco-responsible fashion mean, really? How can one distinguish between 'greenwashing' and true, concrete efforts which have real impact? Melijoe brings you the latest in what is most definitely fashion's biggest issue right now...check out our brands that take all things green, seriously.

#6 Vers l'infiniment durable, et au-delà !

"Make Fashion Better" was a recent advertising motto from the brand Designer Remix Girls and it sure summarizes the industry's latest objectives! Do more to create (at last!) an alternative to fast-fashion and encourage customers to purchase in a way that is more responsible and respectful of working standards, ecological impact and the consumption of resources. The possibilities are endless: fair trade, increasingly green manufacturing processes using fewer pollutants (most notably for jeans which are known to necessitate high levels of water and energy for production), longer life products to limit frenetic turnover, local production centers...or indeed, recycling, a strategy used by Designer Remix Girls but also Stella McCartney Kids. These brands commit each season to increasing the percentage of their collections that are made from either recycled wool, polyester or viscose. More than enough options then, for everyone to embrace green fashion: all we've got to do is change a few old (bad!) habits!

The British brand Stella McCartney was well and truly one of the pioneers in 'sustainable' fashion - very much adopted by the house's founder and namesake, Stella McCartney - she herself is vegan and a dedicated ecologist. Each new collection goes further than the last. Indeed Stella McCartney Kids offers a range of items manufactued from fabrics that are GOTS certified, recycled or, as this year saw, vastly reduce the need for toxic waterproofing treatments. The British brand goes even further, embracing its eco-friendly DNA via its fun and innovative communication stategy: videos, photoshoots and more aim to spread awareness and introduce children to the importance of ecological conservation. Kids love it, and the message is a success! A special mention also goes to Patagonia, originally a nature-lovers brand turned cool-kid uniform, who espouse the value that products should be made from the highest possible quality of materials, and items should be repaired instead of being replaced. As well as green-names such as Play Up, Organic Zoo and Atelier Choux, who embrace the GOTS approved organic cotton, we are fully behind this eco revolution!