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"Manners and kindness are everything"
Actress and style icon Jessica Alba shares her passion for fashion with her two daughters, Honor and Haven. Her sensitivity to the world around her and desire to provide her children with the only best at the start of their lives have driven her to create her own brand, The Honest Company. Jessica Alba tells Melijoe all about her day-to-day life as an active, attentive mom. Loving fashion and wanting the best is learned at a very young age!

How would you describe your children’s fashion style?

I would say their fashion style is eclectic.

Do your girls pick out their own clothes or do you still have a say?

They do have an opinion about what they wear, but I definitely still have a say.

Do you have any preferred brands and/or looks you lean toward for your kids?  (i.e. Dolce & Gabanna, Gucci., Burberry, Chloe, Bonpoint, Perit bateau, Kenzo, Stella McCartney Kids)

I love to mix and match designers/brands. My favorites right now are Kenzo, Bonpoint, Stella McCartney, Rockets of Awesome, Cat & Jack, J. Crew and H&M.

What inspires you when designing those adorable Honest bibs and diapers? The designs are precious!

We always look towards fashion trends and seasons. We typically do a new diaper collection for each season.
It’s so much fun to be able to get creative with something that is not normally seen as fashionable. I know something as small as a fun diaper print helps bring people delight to what otherwise could be a pretty mundane task…one of the best parts of this job is brightening up a parent's day.

Is there a favorite piece of clothing your girls have?

I love their Opening Ceremony custom letterman’s jackets. Both girls got to pick out their own patches and the patches are so them. They really represent each girl’s personal style.

Have you spotted any love-at-first-sight pieces on

My kids like animals on their clothes. Kenzo has some really cute sweatshirts and shirts.

Do your daughters ever make comments on your style?

Yes all the time! They are really funny about certain things, like if I ever wear something strapless or if my legs show, they’ll ask if it’s appropriate for me to go out that way.

What is your parenting motto?

Manners and kindness are everything. I also think getting enough sleep and eating a balanced diet is really important, so I make those a priority for my kids and try to educate them on what is good and what isn’t good for them.

Favorite mother-daughter activity?

Right now it’s going on hikes with them. It’s a great way to stay active and spend time with them at the same time.

Do your kids have strong fashion opinions?

Yes, they definitely do. I don’t always agree with them!

Did you play dress-up as a kid?

Yes, I used to play in my Mom’s closet and dress up in her clothes all the time.

Guilty pleasures:

There’s nothing better than a really good massage. That’s definitely my guilty pleasure.

First word that pops into your head when we say “mum”


When you started The Honest Company, did you ever think it would be this big?

I always thought it would be big because I believed there was such a need for a company like this, mission-driven company that provided trusted, effective products and educational resources. However, I didn’t really know exactly how big it could be.

If you could pick a career for your children, what would you wish?

There isn’t a specific career I want them to have. I don’t care what they do as long as they feel valued and fulfilled.

Are your daughter’s taste in clothes similar or are they very different?

They are different but similar-ish. Haven copies Honor.

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