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"Manners and kindness are everything"
World-famous actress and pioneering businesswoman in the ethical, organic lifestyle sector, Jessica Alba, talks to us about her hectic life with her two daughters, Honor and Haven. Somewhere between the film set and the offices of her brand The Honest Company, she exclusively confides in Melijoe about her life as a super-mom.

How would you describe your little girls' fashion style?

In a word, eclectic.

Do they choose their outfits by themselves in the morning?

Let's just say that they have opinions on what they want to wear, but luckily I always have my say too.

Do they have strong opinions?

Yes, definitely. And I don't always agree!

Do they have different fashion styles?

They are different in some ways but still similar: Haven copies Honor!

Which are your favorite children's fashion brands?

At the moment, I love Kenzo, Bonpoint, Stella McCartney Kids… I'm not a fan of matching looks; I prefer to mix brands and designers.

Speaking of design… What inspires you to create the prints on The Honest Company bibs and diapers?

I pay a lot of attention to current trends… We generally create a new collection every season, like in fashion. It's fun to unleash your creativity on an everyday object that is not considered a fashion item. I think a tiny detail like a fun design on a diaper can really jazz up a task that would otherwise be quite boring. That's the best part of my job: brightening up parents' lives a bit.

What are your favorite garments in your daughters' wardrobes?

I love their customized Open Ceremony bomber jackets. They chose the patches to go on the jackets and the result is so "them". They are pieces that really reflect their respective styles.

Any favorite pieces on

My daughters like there to be animals on their clothes. Kenzo does some really pretty sweaters and T shirts with animal designs.

Do your daughters comment on what you wear?

Yes, all the time! Sometimes they make really funny comments. For example, if I'm wearing a strapless top or something that shows my legs, they ask me if I think that's an appropriate way to go out…

Did you play dress-up when you were little?

All the time. I spent all my time rummaging through my mom's wardrobe and trying on her clothes…

Is there any aspect of parenting on which you won't budge?

Good manners and kindness are the most important things, so I emphasize that. I also try to instil healthy habits in my daughters: sleeping enough, eating a balanced diet…

What is your favorite mother-daughter activity?

At the moment, it's hiking. It's a great way to get some exercise while spending time with the girls…

What is the first word that comes into your head when you hear the word "mom"?


Any guilty pleasures?

A good massage. There's nothing better…

When you launched The Honest Company, did you think it would be such a success?

I always thought that The Honest Company would be big because I think it fills a gap in the market. Parents needed a mission-led, educational brand that offers efficient and trustworthy products… That said, I never believed it would get this big.

If you could choose, which career would you pick for your daughters?

I have no preconceived ideas about what they should do. Anything is fine by me, as long as they feel valued and fulfilled.

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