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California road trip

Hit the road to the west coast. To explore national parks and legendary cities, your little ones are going to need a smart yet colorful wardrobe.

40°C in Death Valley, chilly winds on San Francisco Bay, neon and glitter in Las Vegas and Hollywood… California is a state of a thousand faces, and needs the right outfit for every occasion. So pack the essentials: straw hats, light shorts and dresses to tread across the desert, colorful swimwear to dive into the Pacific, sneakers and T shirts with graphic motifs to stroll down the avenues of Los Angeles… Accessories are all-important too, from knitted guitar motifs, evoking the folk musicians of Laurel Canyon, to a camera to immortalize the Hollywood Sign, via a cactus float to relax on the warm waters of Malibu. There's just one rule: have fun!