Pom d'Api

Few have sweeter children’s footwear than French brand Pom d’Api. An absolute classic amongst the locals, Pom d’Api’s collections follow the season’s top trends and are mixed with durable and high-quality materials to provide for healthy growth and easy movement. From Velcro to laces, Pom d’Api’s collections range from children’s sandals and sneakers, to kid’s boots, brogues, ballet flats and more. With a style, cut and material for every style, whether boy, girl or baby, tiny toes are clad in the cutest of kid’s shoes.

The Pom d'Api story Pom d'Api has been making children's shoes since 1870. The story of a family first and foremost, the French brand was founded by Jean-Baptiste Rautureau, a shoemaker. At the time, this exceptional artisan was practising his trade from a workshop tucked away in the heart of the Vendée region of France and creating quality shoes for adults and children. His son and grandson took over the reigns and, ever since, the entire Rautureau clan has kept the family tradition alive in Rautureau Apple Shoes, a group that clearly comprises Pom d'Api, as well as the ultra-trendy Spring Court trainer brand or the luxury shoe brand named after the company's founder, Jean-Baptiste Rautureau. It was at the beginning of the 1970s that the Rautureau family decided to focus their know-how on children's shoes. The Pom d'Api brand was created and, alongside it, the desire to specialise in creativity for little feet, the likes of which had never been seen. Guy and Yvon Rautureau set about manufacturing this new range with the same meticulous craftsmanship that goes into their adult shoes. All Pom d'Api shoes are made from noble materials with the finest know-how in French shoemaking. Immediately recognised by professionals, in 1976 Pom d'Api received the Creativity Oscar in Milan, as well as opening several stores and winning over the general public. A success story in France, Pom d'Api is now a leading brand in the premium segment for children's shoes, serving generations of children past, present and future. Pom d'Api quality What makes Pom d'Api shoes so successful is, above all, the quality of their craftsmanship. Starting at size 38 baby shoes, each Pom d'Api strappy sandal, first-step shoes, pair of baby girl shoes, pair of boots, booties, trainers or formal shoes has more than 200 different manufacturing phases. The design stage, patterning, cutting, work on the insole, moulding (for models with a specific foot arch), as well as stitching, assembly, finishing operations and boxing are just some of the iconic manufacturing phases. And as for the question that's on everyone's lips "what size of Pom d'Api shoes should I go for?" The brand responds , as ever, thanks to its well-established reputation. All Pom d'Api shoes offer guaranteed comfort. Furthermore, to help customers identify the correct shoe size, the pattern makers have created a precise foot measurement system for each line. The Pom d'Api style Metallic, coloured and print leather, sequins, mix & match fabrics... each pair of Pom d'Api shoes features unique details. A signature look of the brand, the use of colour is more traditional on the classic shoe lines, such as the occasional wear shoes.