In Swedish, Kuling means “strong winds”. The brand takes us on a journey along its wild coastline, to its cliffs, inland lakes, vast forests and glacial mountains. But before going for a walk to discover mother nature, you have to be well prepared for the risk of ending up frozen... Kuling provides all its expertise through a stunning line of technical essentials for children aged 0-12 years old.

Kuling is a Swedish brand that creates beautiful technical clothing to explore nature. Say hello to the rain jackets with beautiful prints, baby bodysuits in soft colors and flowery parkas. Of Scandinavian origin, the brand is inspired by the softness of childhood to create a line to wear from birth to 12 years old. Behind the children’s parkas, windbreakers, furry boots, hats, mittens and gloves, there’s a hidden eye for fashion. True to its Scandinavian style, the bran develops a more minimalist spirit. Minimlaist in the cuts, with details well thought out for children. The boots are Velcro, pockets are closed with poppers and the zipper are easy to use. In terms of materials, Kuling mixes nature with eco-design. Sweaters and underwear are made of ultra-soft merino wool, rain jackets are made of fabric from recycled bottles. They are water-repellent and receive an anti-dust treatment to avoid getting dirty too quickly (and therefore washed too much). Finally, in terms of patterns and colors, Kuling also brings out their Scandinavian side. The brand fills kids’ wardrobes with colorful, joyful tones. Here a camel shade, there a buttercup yellow, a Dahlia pink, and almond green. In terms of patterns, nature also serves as inspiration. The parkas are sprinkled with flowers like spring meadows. You’ll find leopard pattern is slipped on a romper or a hat. Kuling is the brand that will bring a Scandinavian touch to your children’s dressing room.