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Once upon a time, there was Melijoe This is the story of a mother...
In 2003, Nathalie Genty, web entrepreneur and fashion enthusiast, gave birth to her first son. As she surfed the Internet for children's clothing, she very soon realised that she wanted more than what the online boutiques had to offer... And so she set out to create her dream e-boutique: a trendy website that would offer the very best in children's fashion, as well as an inspired and inspiring online magazine. Essentially, a platform for children that would be just as appealing as the ones for adults. And so, Melijoe was launched in 2007. The site has become a leader in its field, and enjoys on-going success. And Nathalie’s children have kept coming, too. Now a mother to five children, Nathalie Genty has lost none of what inspired her to work so hard when Melijoe first began: her ambition to grow the site at her own pace, her so-Parisian taste for edgy fashion with a hint of mischief and her startup mentality, which drives her to go on developing new and intelligent tools for connected parents.
Paris 2.0
Melijoe, a reference in French children’s fashion, was founded in Paris, naturally. More specifically in the 10th arrondissement, Nathalie Genty’s favourite quarter: a hotbed of new talent and fresh ideas, whose boundless energy she adores. Melijoe has its head office in one of the French capital’s hottest locations: Garage Central, an authentic garage that has been turned into unique offices with a policy of housing startups that strive to reinvent the rules, create innovative concepts and push boundaries. In other words, it’s the perfect place for Melijoe.
A unique view
“We sell what we love”: that sums up the spirit behind Melijoe ever since it was founded. Every season, Melijoe takes an insider’s look at children's fashion and makes a carefully considered selection that is as astute as the trendsetting sites that exist for adults... with an utterly Parisian vision of elegance - but that goes without saying. Melijoe is so much more than an online boutique. It tells stories of style: exclusive visuals, fashion recommendations, clever ideas, etc. Through its online magazine, Melijoe has become the ultimate reference in children’s fashion and lifestyle. A source of inspiration for parents in the know.
Melijoe: an approach to children's fashion that is…
Eclectic. No hard and fast rules, no total looks... And above all, no logo overload! Melijoe celebrates fashion in all its diversity, through a vast and varied selection of brands. Liberal mixing & matching is encouraged. Impertinent. Because irreverence, daring and light-heartedness are the secrets to seeing fashion as a game. Astute. Melijoe brings edgy looks directly inspired by adult fashion collections. It's clear to see: the “Mini Me” function identifies the trendiest items by the biggest names in fashion. Expert. A look is about much more than just design; it’s also about quality. At Melijoe, you will find no substandard fabrics or poorly cut designs... Each item is selected with the greatest care. Melijoe delivers; it’s a name you can trust.
E-service by Melijoe
Melijoe is not only one of the largest selections of children’s fashion on the internet, it’s also a five-star approach to service.
Everything is designed to make life easier for today’s parents: orders are placed in just a few clicks, delivery is fast, available all around the world, and tracking is simple and clear. But that’s not all: each item is carefully packaged following luxury standards. Bags, cloth pouches and tissue paper elegantly protect every order, so that opening the package is a pleasure each time.
It’s more than e-shopping: it’s an experience.