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Scotch & Soda

Scotch & Soda is an Amsterdam-based fashion brand that offers eclectic collections, known for its rich details and considered sense of style. Every season a unique collection for kids (4-16 years) is designed, inspired by classic styles and a wealth of inspiration from around the globe. Scotch Shrunk and Scotch R’Belle are delicate and cool at the same time, making sure the Scotch & Soda brand DNA, old school with a unique twist and love for refined detailing, is recognizable in each garment.

The Scotch & Soda for kids story Straight from Amsterdam, the Scotch & Soda brand is an institution in the Netherlands. With high quality collections featuring luxurious finishing touches, the brand combines urbanwear, vintage and an ode to open spaces, making it more than just a brand: a real concept. The label's origins date1 back to the 80s, but it was in the summer of 2002 that it was relaunched by the nerdy-stylists, Northern Europe's best kept secret. The brand gives an unconditional licence to inspirations from around the world and, since 2008, the main collection is available in two children's lines: Scotch R'Belle for girls and Scotch Shrunk for boys. With signature looks in miniature versions, Scotch & Soda for children is making its mark in the fashion world for 4-16s. Hello hipster style on the playground, and a new, fashion conscious, connected generation who are leading the way. An Interview with Marlou Van Engelen for Melijoe, Scotch & Soda for children's stylist. - Melijoe: Creating a children's collections poses different challenges to an adult collection. Why did you decide to do it? - Marlou Van Engelen: I like the innocence and imagination of children. They live in a world where anything is possible. And I enjoy a challenge. I feel that I have more freedom to express my creativity. In fact, I it feels like I have all the freedom in the world! There are also several things both collections have in common, the key inspirations: we all love vintage and handmade along with classic looks. Graphic style plays an important role in all Scotch & Soda collections. - Melijoe: What's the story of Scotch & Soda's Kids fashion? - Marlou Van Engelen: Monsieur Shrunk is an adventurer, an exuberant collector who's afraid of nothing, cool and friendly. One day, Monsieur Shrunk might have the soul of a rocker, the next he transforms into a sailor or sportsman, and at the weekend he slips on his snappy suit. It's all about city style, a ring leader who knows exactly where it's at. Mademoiselle R'Belle, is the quintessence of a dreamer. A rebel girl with a big heart, a little girl who makes anything possible. Quirky and incredible, her extravagance makes her cool. Above all, she's the gentlest girl we've ever met. - Melijoe: Aren't children too young to be worried about fashion? - Marlou Van Engelen: You're never too young to be in style! I think that people are too 'old-school' in their approach children and fashion. In fact many brands create very different adult and children's collections. At Scotch & Soda we create two lines in with the same style, our children's clothes are just as important as our adult's clothes.

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