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Poivre Blanc

Specializing in ski wear, Poivre Blanc has been around for nearly 40 years. Over the decades, the brand has evolved in step with changing trends, combined with authenticity and originality. Poivre Blanc is inspired by its motto “Everytime – Everywear” to create a full wardrobe for adults and children, featuring technical materials that are warm and environmentally friendly, whenever possible. From ski jackets to ski suits, ski pants, and knitwear, Poivre Blanc lets children combine protection and fashion, even on ski runs.  Enjoy ultra-fashionable outfits when skiing and in the mountains. Poivre Blanc has been creating children’s technical ski wear for decades. You can always expect something fresh from the brand. Poivre Blanc keeps innovating, season after season. It recently launched a full line of warm knitwear made from viscose and wood cellulose fiber. Two natural materials that are sustainable and biodegradable. Poivre Blanc also filed its first patent recently for its MLPS+ material, which offers a revolutionary new type of insulation. This synthetic down is made of conductive fibers that absorb light and generate heat. As you know, Poivre Blanc is not just another brand of children’s ski wear. Featuring luxurious materials, its clothing is trendy, warm and comfortable.

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