Fashion’s favorite alligator is without a doubt Lacoste! Launched in 1933 by French designers André Gillier and René Lacoste, the brand’s green alligator logo has become one of the world’s most recognized symbols in fashion. Taking on a polished, sporty aesthetic, Lacoste stays true to its traditional DNA with a full collection of children’s clothing. Stock up on your favorite boy’s polos or girl’s polo dresses in a variety of colors and styles or opt for some of Lacoste’s special seasonal pieces for a look that is totally chic.

The polo shirt story A symbol of relaxed elegance since 1933, Lacoste is a visionary brand which has creative impulse at the heart of its story. And its story cannot be separated from what makes Lacoste a star-brand, the polo shirt L.12.12. The tennis player, René Lacoste changed the shirt in the 1920s and made it into a soft, comfortable clothing item with short sleeves. Contrary to the norm at the time, he labelled each item with his favourite emblem, the crocodile and, along with inventing a revolutionary stylish item of sportswear, he created a new way of communicating. In 1933, he started industrial production on the L1212 polo shirt (L for Lacoste, 1 for the fabric 'pique cotton', 2 for the 2 short sleeves, 12 for the prototype number. It was the start of a French success story that reached far beyond the borders of its homeland: Lacoste today is a brand for men, women and children, synonymous with high-end fashion. From tennis to the catwalk In 2005, the brand's popularity took on a new dimension with Christophe Lemaire as artistic director. The stylist catapulted Lacoste onto Fashion Week catwalks, just like Felipe Oliveira Baptista who would follow from 2010 to 2018. A gifted stylist, he drew on the label's sporting history to create futuristic collections with a focus on innovation, featuring, of course the famous cotton polo shirt. Today, it is a woman who has the place of artistic director for the brand: Louise Trotter. “I am thrilled to have joined this French brand with such a unique heritage. For forty-eight years, the modernity of Lacoste's style has focussed on the singular fusion of sport and fashion. I am proud to contribute to writing a new chapter in its story.” she declared when she took over her role. Already, the main line has unveiled a unisex collection with a sporty, 90s style influence. Always on point, Lacoste is already part of THE most important fashion movement of the 2010s: the abolition of gender barriers. Lacoste for children Chaotic logos, iconic colour-blocking, a mixed and mini me wardrobe: Lacoste for children is the image of their adult line. In addition to the famous polo shirt available for 4-16 year olds, “The Crocodile brand” dresses boys and girls in stylish French fashion with an urban edge. A real lifestyle wardrobe, sweatshirts, jeans, dressest-shirts, jackets or jogging bottoms, Lacoste for children passes on the label's values of performance and authenticity along with a futuristic, playful look.