Kenzo Kids is directly correlated with the Kenzo adult collections. Witness the girls' dresses with modern cuts or the famous Kenzo Kids Tiger sweatshirt. Since 2011, the French fashion house has experienced a creative revolution thanks to Creative Directors, Humberto Leon and Carlo Lim, who revived the "Japanese Jungle" spirit since the very beginning. The Kenzo Children and Kenzo Baby collections continue to bring runway trends to reality. With Asian motifs, nature inspiration, the Kenzo Tiger, and the Mini-me selections, the "Japanese Jungle" miniature version brings along a funky and offbeat spirit as the house reigns over our children's wardrobes!  The story of Kenzo Kenzo is a clothing brand that's as unusual as its name. As often in the big fashion houses, it has retained the style and spirit of its charismatic founder, Kenzo Takada. Born in Himeji in 1939, the Japanese designer came to Paris in 1964 after a month-long voyage on a makeshift boat. He opened his first boutique in 1970 called 'Jungle Jap': Kenzo revealed an extraordinary colour palette to the world in inventive designs that combined modernity and romanticism, oriental style, western technique and casual lines. The result? An ultra-contemporary urban look with a flavour of the Land of the Rising Sun that was to ensure the continuing success of Kenzo. American Vogue went wild over the young brand as did a whole generation of fashionable people. The Kenzo legend was born, a key brand of the eighties that is also a favourite with today's hipsters. Kenzo according to Humberto Leon and Carol Lim Because with Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, the brand's new designers, each Kenzo collection drives the fashionistas wild. Always popular with the young and fashion-conscious, Kenzo chose Britney Spears as the muse for the 'Memento' collection, and every Kenzo fashion show in Paris Fashion Week is taken by storm. Because the Humberto Leon and Carol Lim version of Kenzo Paris continues precisely the work begun by Kenzo Takada with the utmost respect. The two American designers have revamped the designer's rules of Asian-chic for the Instagram generation and created urban wear with an exotic feel that flies off the shelves, like the famous Kenzo 'Tiger' sweatshirts that have become some of the brand's must-have pieces. Kenzo for children Kenzo Kids replicates Kenzo style for children. Fun, colourful, casual and playful, the Kenzo world is perfectly suited to children from 3 to 8 years of age and for babies too. The Kenzo Kids collections for girls and boys stand out for the numerous mini-me pieces taken from the adult collection, the many Kenzo Kids sweatshirts, Kenzo Kids dresses for girls, joggersT-shirtsshoes and accessories in the brand's colours. All designed in comfortable materials that are washable and at an affordable price. Enough to make the fans of ' Jungle Jap' roar with pleasure!