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Created in 2010, Izipizi is a French brand of designer non-prescription glasses that has revolutionized the optical sector. Available self-service, reading glasses, sunglasses and protective glasses for reading screens (especially in the kitchen), Izipizi is hot. The innovative brand launced its chlidrens range in 2016, Izipizi Junior. Discover Izipizi Junior sunglasses for kids on Melijoe.

Izipizi, to protect your kids' eyes When it comes to kids, sunglasses are more than just an accessory. Children's eyes are more sensitive to light including greater exposure to infrared rays, transparent corneas until 12 years old and relatively large pupils. Overlooked by the eyewear industry for a long time, big brands have since jumped on the kids' sunglasses bandwagon, with Izipizi leading the way. This once small Parisian start-up has, since 2010, produced affordable, top-quality reading glasses as well as designer sunglasses that have now reached cult status. As functional accessories, Izipizi has continued to add to its technologically advanced range. The #SCREEN line filters out 40% of blue light, their magnetic glasses can be attached to a fridge and they also produce a wide range of sunglasses for babies and kids. Izipizi's babies' sunglasses From the moment your little one can sit or stand up, it's worth investing in a pair of sunglasses. Izipizi's stepped up to the mark with their #SUN Baby line, designed for 0-12 months and with frames that snugly sit on tiny noses. Flashy, ergonomic and comfy, this baby range has grey, polarised, 100% anti-UV, category 3 lenses. Available in a selection of tangy colours, these cute sunglasses have straight temples so they grow with your kids and an ultra-supple, adjustable silicone strap to keep them firmly in place. Similarly, Izipizi's #SUN Kids sunglasses for 12-36 months also reduce light intensity and prevent glare without distorting colours or altering contrast. Whether you choose a pop, primary or pastel colour, these specs are perfect for both days at the beach or walks around town. Izipizi's kids' sunglasses Izipizi hasn't forgotten trendy, older children with their #SUN Junior collection. Various shapes, colours, tortoiseshell frames, mirrored lenses... 3 to 10 year-olds can now show off styles that will even make adults green with envy. Izipizi's combined high UV protection, comfort (flexible frames to suit all faces) and cool designs, creating styles that are fun and bang on trend.

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