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Freedom Moses

For Sarah Gurt, founder of Freedom Moses, her line of sandals symbolise freedom. In addition to their cool and minimalist style, the designer creates sandals which are waterproof, anti-odour, fully washable and made of an eco-friendly plastic called PCU. The best part? A choice of colors wide enough to put rainbows to shame.   Not only has the founder thought of the practical side; offering sandals that are easy to care for and available for children and teenagers from 8-16 years old, but she also wishes to raise the game of her brand Freedom Moses. Her goal is to offer an endless summer “365 days a year”.

The ex-student of Central Saint Martins, who went onto work at Oscar de la Renta and Thierry Mugler, launched her sandal collection in 2014 in her birth country Israël. Was it the prevailing spirituality that led her to baptize her brand like the prophet Moses? Her desire to infuse her brand with character and soul doesn’t stop there. Each Freedom Moses shade is developed conscientiously, without leaving anything to chance. According to Sarah, colors influence every mood and bring a special energy to the wearer. The Sunny Yellow sandal is designed to raise the spirits, much like the feeling you get when you raise your head to the sun. The red sandal, a symbol of passion, is to be worn when you want to be noticed and have a moment of power. The pink palette ranges from baby pink to bubble gum, to a pink Martini. You understand the idea, wearing a Freedom Moses sandal means much more than simply diving into summer and its blissful pleasures. And because it’s not easy to grasp the philosophy of a sandal, tell your children that the minimalist Freedom Moses look makes them the perfect shoe to pair with any piece from their wardrobe. Handy when you’re in a hurry to jump into the waves!

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