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For more than twenty years, the Caten brothers have been designing clothes with a Canadian runway flare. It was these brothers who introduced the fashion industry to "trapper luxury" in the late 90s when fans were flocking to stores to get the DSquared2 look. All the DSquared2 children's shorts, DSquared2 jeans, DSquared2 t-shirts, and also patches, caps, pine trees, and maple leaves, include a touch of chic that every kid will love.

The DSquared2 story For the last 20 years, Canadian twins Dean and Dan Caten have been invading catwalks worldwide with their electric fashion sense. DSquared2 is the story of an extraordinary brand, created by a duo that lives fashion, art and showmanship. Sportswear Couture, must-have jeans, quirky looks and excellence: this is the DSquared2 DNA. Founded in the Toronto suburbs, the brothers launched their menswear label in 1995, just before their collaborations with mega pop stars such as Madonna (for her "Don't Tell Me" video) or Christina Aguilera (during her "The Stripped World Tour"). The brothers are then thrust into the limelight as spearheads of a powerful, couture look and unveil their first catwalk show in 2003 with top model mega fans Naomi Campbell and Karolina Kurkova leading the way. DSquared2 is a mirror image of Dean and Dan Caten: that is to say, constantly evolving. They consider the creative focus of their label as an extension of their own identity, a mix of eternal youth - with a ton of denim and audacity - and maturity, with elegant lines for men and sumptuous dresses for women. "What has happened is that the business is a reflection of us, of our lives. We work in line with who we are, our own personal needs, and our brand has matured at the same time as us", affirms Dean. DSquared2 Kids We met the two designers in Florence, in the gardens of a magnificent palace, for the showcasing of their DSquared2 Kids Collection. Dressed in bold couture dresses, tuxedos for 6-16 year olds, distressed jeans, biker jackets or check shirts, the kids are the protagonists of a children's fashion universe full of mini-mes in the signature codes of the parent fashion house. "All our close friends and family have children. So now it's our turn!", explain the duo. "We redesigned our adult collection so that it's also available to children!". DSquared2 Kids is a brand in the "trapper luxury" style, featuring scout badges that are a nod to the stylists' native Canada. Children's luxury clothing is now playing with the big boys and even babies can get the DSquared2 look!

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