The French brand, Catimini, has been around and designing childrenswear since 1972. Catomini for the girls: buy pretty Catimini dresses, beautiful Catimini coats and each season, discover the new models of the iconic Catimini waterproof gum fabric. Catimini's children's collections take on the imagination of their consumers with unique prints for kids 0 -14 years old. They offer exclusive and high-quality selections where poetry and creativity come together with audacity. The materials are always beautiful with unexpected prints. Also, discover the Catimini baby collections.

The Catimini story Launched in 1972 by Monique and Paul Salmon, the French brand Catimini has been leading the way in children's fashion for over forty years. Between 1987 and 1998, they opened no less than 114 boutiques worldwide including a 600m2 store in the centre of Paris. In 2003, shoes, sunglasses, wallpaper and bedding was added to the incredible Catimini offer and the brand has become a lasting flagship for children's fashion. Catimini quality They know that imagination is essential for little ones, so the brand's stylists assist them in their quest for a fashion personality, from birth through to adolescence. Season after season, Catimini produces complete, comfortable collections for babiesgirls and boys from 0 to 14 years old. From dresses to jeans passing by parkas, sweatshirtsjogging bottoms or soft toys, each Catimini article is designed with expertise. Beautiful materials, attention to detail, meticulous finishing touches...Catimini's reputation for children's casualwear with French style is deserved. Catimini style Exotic inspirations, other-worldly prints...Catimini is a wardrobe journey into fashion inspired by the world. The label adapts nomadic style to create city clothing, full of practical articles that give children freedom of movement. The preferred brand for adventurers in the making, Catimini patterns are always playful, full of bright colours and mix and match iconic fabrics, making for a label that stands out a mile. We love the brand's abundant imagination that transports children to a brand new world of fashion: from a baby's layette to day-to-day wear, sportswear and occasionwear or accessories. Originality, escapism, generosity and expertise: those are Catimini's 4 key values. Season after season, the label creates new chapters in their “story-making studio” with new themes and worlds, each more original than the next. A garden wonderland, tropical glasshouse, luxuriant jungle, a pretty ice floe, imaginary sky, stylish savannah...Catimini kids' clothes are always staged in advertising campaigns that rival the most beautiful fashion collections and make children's and adults' eyes shine.

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