Welcome to the luxurious lines of Burberry child and Burberry baby, with style and trends copied from the runway to accommodate the younger generation! Each season, rediscover the famous Burberry trench coat for children, along with all other iconic checked pattern pieces from the brand! Burberry, founded in Britain in 1856, patented gabardine: a revolutionary breathable, water resistant, lightweight and highly durable fabric. This discovery was the birth of the legendary Burberry trench coat in which the brand is so famously known for. It is now one of the largest fashion houses in the United Kingdom.

The story of Burberry Known for its famous trench coat, the Burberry luxury fashion house never finishes reinventing itself in the purest British tradition. In 1856, Thomas Burberry founded his company specialising in the manufacture of coats and went on to invent gabardine in 1879. This hard-wearing and closely-woven fabric revolutionised manufacturing techniques for raincoats with its breathable properties and lightness. It is the chief constituent of the trench coat, which was also invented by Thomas Burberry in 1912 and which is still a must-have piece today. Designed for British soldiers in Word War I, the Burberry trench coat, which was literally worn in the trenches, is recognisable by its British manufacture, signature colours and military details. Burberry also means a black, white and beige tartan that has become a cult item: the Nova Check. Very soon, this mythical check appeared on all kinds of accessories, such as the Burberry cashmere scarf and satchel, and led the brand to become an official supplier to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Recycled by the mods in the sixties, the first second-hand and vintage Burberry trench coats became a symbol of freedom-loving youth. Burberry became an essential part of Swinging London. Valuing its image, the brand began dressing the Royal Family - who wear the trench coat in their own particular way - but also the biggest stars of the golden age of Hollywood. Humphrey Bogart, Paul Newman, Audrey Hepburn… all went for that typical James Bond, British look that was to become a style icon. Burberry for children 2001: Christopher Bailey took over the reins of Burberry, and left in 2018. After 17 years at the head of the design team and the launch of Burberry for children, he put this fashion institution on the road to modernity: "this brand encapsulates the best of Great Britain. (…) It may be over 160 years old but it is still young at heart. It is part of the establishment, but it is always on the move, always learning. (…)", he said . The first brand to stream its fashion show live in 2010, the first brand to introduce the concept of 'See now, Buy now', Burberry is also ahead of the game in the world of children's fashions. With Romeo Beckham as its muse, Burberry childrenswear offers 'Heritage' trench coats for 4 to 14 year-olds, iconic woollen duffel coats, lots of mini-me pieces but also on-trend collections for girlsboys and babies. Burberry Nova Check and Vintage Check mix with highly colourful children's clothes created with maximum luxe details. And since Ricardo Tisci was appointed as the new Artistic Director, the 'so chic' Burberry style still has a bright future in front of it.

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