Just in time for the baby boom in the United States, French brand Absorba began making baby clothing and pyjamas in 1949. Fifteen years later, the brand expanded into childrenswear with adorable, easy to wear designs and success was imminent. Today, the b-shirts, shoes and girl’s dresses, skirts, tops, jackets and much more, Absorba has all the clothing and accessories kids need to take them through the best of their young years.

The Absorba story Absorba was founded in France in 1949 on the innovative concept of thermal layers, which, at the time, were only sold in the USA. It's like a baby boom: Absorba is beating all sales records. It started with layettes and baby sleepwear, then, in the middle of the 60s came children clothes. Already at the forefront of fashion, Absorba created a safari jacket for children in 1970 that flew off the shelves. Why? It was an exact replica of the famous 1967 Yves Saint Laurent safari jacket. The French brand experienced rapid growth and launched, among other lines, an underwear collection for children and in 1991, they joined the Kidiliz group, a worldwide leader in children's fashion. The world of Absorba Organic cotton children's clothing ranges, the Absorba childcare range, an increasing number of shops ...fresh, accessible, quality fashion signed by Absorba continues to innovate and attract. From 0 to 12 years for both summer and winter, bodysuits, baby outfits, soft toys, bibs, jeans, children's shoesdresses for girls, skirts, tops and more to accompany your little ones at every stage of their life. For over 60 years. Absorba's values At the heart of Absorba's DNA, comfort and protection are essential for babies from the moment they arrive in the world. But the brand is also able to accompany children at every key-stage until they reach adulthood, cultivating values that sit perfectly with the wonder of childhood. Truth, simplicity, joy and complicity are found in each item of girl's and boy's clothing by Absorba, signed with a hidden smile, accessible and perfectly spontaneous in line with the brand. Absorba style The label creates little snapshots of baby fashion infused with simplicity, joy and colour. From bodysuits to pyjamas, passing by knickers, shorts, slippers, pants or tights, each item in the Absorba newborn gift pack goes together. delicate cotton, pastel and on-trend colours. And for baby's first outings, what could be better than a cute, comfortable, durable baby girl dress or the perfect baby boy outfit for taking his first steps? The label offers a wide range of fashion and unveils complete wardrobes for 6 month to 2 year olds each season.