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Magazine: Trends


Trend Alert : Rainbow

This summer, our Kids can choose all the colours they want!


Earth tones

More and more designers are creating environmentally friendly collections, using materials more respectful of the planet and our children. This awareness also shows through in the adoption of colours that are inspired by nature.


Short shorts

You can’t help it in summer. Trousers get cropped and turn into shorts. This very noticeable trend from women’s fashion has transitioned into children’s wear. Let’s break down the shorts that make the season.


Young and Wild

While the world is generally confined, it is the designers who take our children on a journey to explore the jungle. The patterns invite them on an adventure.


Tie and dye

Heading for the seventies with the Tie and Dye trend. As seen at the MSGM children's catwalks, Woodstock-style patterns are making a comeback in kids' wardrobes.


Logo love

Ah the logos… We love to see evolve them season after season. A true signature of our luxury designers, they are a creative detail in their own right.


From Mars with Love

While rover Perserverance is sending its first photos of the planet Mars, the planet of Children's Fashion is in turmoil over a crucial material: Metal.


Print Party

The Mix & Match philosophy is all about flamboyance. Dare your kids to mix things up, to match bold prints and colors.


Fantasy floral

Our star of the spring? Why it's florals, of course! The undisputed queen of prints, florals have been front and center for years. Step this way to explore this season's hottest take on flower-power...


Street active

Following the 90s minimalist trend, welcome to street active! The 90s haven't finished inspiring us this season...what's in style this spring? Sweatpants, technical materials and colors.


Romantic dresses

One of the stand-out trends this spring, we find show-stopping dresses. All our favorite designers have fallen in love with airy-fairy gowns, complete with flowing fabrics, ladylike pleats and poetic embroidery.


Candy rose

Pink is invading our kids' wardrobes once again. Girls and boys alike can adopt this trend, seen across all kinds of items and looks this season.


Fresh Pastel

Pistachio, sugared lemon, cool mint, lilac...pastel hues are back to bring a bit of joy to your spring season! Discover how your kids can wear this new take on rainbow tints.


90s Minimalism

What does spring have in store for our kids? Get ready to jump into 90s fashion, plenty of minimalist and unisex style awaits! You're sure to find the perfect look that your little ones will adore.