Newborn gift boutique

The birth of a child is a special moment. A bubble of happiness in which each parent instantly falls in love from the moment the baby is born. Everything must be ready for their arrival and the wish list grows as the months go by. Giving the perfect newborn gift couldn't be simpler with our special selection for the littlest ones.


The maternity bag may already be packed but gifts are always welcome to bring a personal touch in celebrating a baby's arrival. Whether you are a godparent, friend or simply family, giving a gift to baby will leave them with something that will make him think of you many years later. To make your choice, just let yourself be carried away by the different options that are ideal for a newborn gift: baby sleeping bags, first pyjamas, angel nests, soft toys and comforters, nappies, blankets... their gift can be something they need, but we wouldn't blame your if your heart gets carried away!


How can you choose the best sleeping bag or angel nest?


So that your baby can sleep safely, a sleeping bag is the perfect option to ensure a good night's sleep. Giving a sleeping bag to a newborn baby means they're kept warm and comfortable so that they can spend nights wriggling with everything they need near them. A few things that shoudl be kept in mind when choosing a sleeping bag are the age and size of the baby but also the temperature of the room. But ultimately, you should pick whichever you prefer. At Melijoe, you will find printed or striped sleeping bags, in cotton or bamboo there is bound to be one that you will like and that you and the baby will just adore.


As well as a sleeping bag, an angel nest is also a great option, as it allows a baby (0-3 months) to be easily moved from the car to the stroller, without disturbing him or her. Depending on the season, you can either opt for a padded version, with a hood to protect the baby's head, or simply a lighter version for when summer arrives. After having chosen the right size and your favorite print, you're set to go! And don't stop there! Once you've chosen their sleeping bag, there are plenty more gifts to make you fall in love.


Pajamas, simply a must-have


Whether it's a newborn gift for a girl or a boy, pajamas are an essential part of a baby's wardrobe, and designers have truly let their imaginations run wild! Printed, embroidered, in velvet or even in lace, pajamas with attached booties and poppers, babies can get comfy quickly, while staying stylish! Do you want to give more than simply pajamas? Our brands have thought of everything and are offering gift sets with many different combinations, includng a range of caps and bibs and some even include a soft toy to truly complete newborn gift, without needing to go out to the shops. We've got a feeling that one of our selection of pajamas will be the baby's favorite!


Blanket or swaddle, it's up to you!


Another idea for a newborn gift to truly pamper them is a lovely, soft blanket or swaddle. A blanket is essential to give a baby a wonderfully warm welcome, whether they're in their out on a walk or in their bassinet. In cotton, bambou or even cashmere, at Melijoe, we have all your must-haves.


Made with the most beautiful prints, colors and materials, comforters are there to provide all the coziness a baby needs. As far as swaddles are concerned, they have the similar function to a blanket with a few differences: they are used to wrap babies to make them feel like they are still in their mothers' tummies. However, theythey can also be used as a cuddly toy or a bib and are very practical for changing a baby (you can slide the diaper underneath) or as a protection on a shoulder when burping. Our baby swaddles are adorned with prints and materials that will be a welcome addition to a mother's maternity bag, and whether you choose a blanket or something lighter, parents and babies will love them in their first moments together.


A soft toy for instantly sweet moments


As well as the essentials every newborn needs, such as sleeping bags, angel nests, blankets and swaddles, there are still more gift ideas to explore! When a baby first enters the world, the first gift that comes to mind is undoubtably a soft toy. Both a companion for a good night's sleep and a best friend for a day of fun, a soft is truly essential in a baby's life, and we can so many to choose from! To help you find your favorite, Melijoe has thought of everything! We have both the softest friends from Tartine et Chocolat, as well as beautiful prints from Petit Bateau and Catimini and even the most original toys such as our Jellynaut from Jellycat to bring the whole universe straight to their crib, so their imaginations can run wild. Our cuddly toys are waiting for you to bring them home!


Beauty for babies


Once the wardrobe is chosen and the accessories are found, babies also have the option to have their very first beauty products. Brands understand completely these products need to be specially formulated for a baby's skin. They offer products such as baby lotion, perfume and moisturiser, so the baby can feel, look and smell beautiful. And if you simply can't decide, gift sets are there to make up your mind for you and will guarantee a happy baby. With bath capes and slippers, swaddle sets and bibs, soft toys, perfumes and bottles, the baby will have everything they need from the moment they arrive. All you have to do is pick and click your favorites!