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Ski boutique

The ski season has begun and the powder is ready to welcome kids who have been missing the snow. When ski suits are hanging up and the boards and skis are waiting by the door, you know everything's ready to face the the mountain air. At Melijoe, we have selected our most beautiful pieces so that your kids can hit the slopes while staying fun, stylish and colorful.


The must-haves not to forget


To kit out your child properly, the ski suit should be the first item on your list. Both stylish and practical, it's the ideal outfit to head out onto the slopes in a flash. Another popular combination is a matching children's ski jacket and ski pants, not forgetting thermal undergarments, which keep your kids warm when the temperature drops and a helmet to protect their heads. Their accessories are also essential, including ski goggles, mittens and gloves to keep warm, and you can't forget their boots - without them, they would miss out on all the fun!


Which ski outfit for girls?


Once you've got everything on your list, the kids are set for the slopes! With colorful ski suits, particularly for girls, our brands never miss out on a bit of fun creativity. Our Perfect Moment girls' ski suits have strong prints, so whatever you choose, you'll be impossible to miss! If this isn't enough for you, rest assured that Molo stops at nothing to be bold. The Danish brand has fun with children's fashion and offers innovative, fun prints. Girls have a wide range of choices to they can surf the powder with style. The ski suit is both comfortable and practical, but for girls who prefer to mix and match, a ski jacket and pants combination is a great option, and there's no shortage of choices. With ski jackets, puffers or lighter options, sporting contrast stripes, bold colors and endless prints, with pants to match, your look with always be stand-out.


Which ski outfit for boys?


Boys also have a large selection to choose from when it comes to ski gear. They can opt for a ski suit, or even a parka, windbreaker or a ski puffer jacket, combined with ski pants, and maybe even mix it up with prints for a change. Under a ski suit or a jacket, thermal underwear help kids stay warm for ultimate comfort on the slopes. They're not just for the boys! There are all sorts, with an assorted degrees of warmth, so your children can keep toasty on the coldest of days. Often used as a first layer, thermal underwear truly acts as a second skin. For our kids who are bursting with energy, this is the ideal item to keep them warm. As an extra layer, a fleece is the perfect piece to warm up and with ski jacket on top, kids are good to go into the mountain air.


Essential shoes and accessories for skiing


Finally, we must of course think about the accessories that are essential for skiing even in the most pleasant conditions. Even if it seems obvious, fingers and toes can get very cold up in the mountains. It is therefore important that your child wears a pair of mittens or ski gloves, a woolly hat to prevent heat loss and snow boots to keep his or her feet warm.


Snow boots are not as you might have once known them! Moon Boot, Stella McCartney Kids and Gucci have all moved with the times, while keeping kids' toes warm. Truly in fashion on and off the slopes, snow boots are now designed to be a close as possible to streetwear while featuring bold designs and even bolder colors.


Another accessory you just can't forget is a ski goggles. Whether they're facing mountain weather conditions, intense sunlight, trouble with visability and unexpected obstacles on the slopes, thanks to a good pair of ski goggles, you don't have to worry about what kids might face. Polarized or not, rest assured that they will keep your child safe and able to look out to the beautiful views.


Which ski outfit for babies?


What about the babies? They may not be able to put on skis yet, but that doesn't mean they have to miss out on the mountain fun! They can even sport matching ski suits with their brothers and sisters, as some brands simply scale down their designs so the little ones can join in too. Baby ski suits, which sometimes feature removeable booties are also great for protecting their tiny feet and toes. However, the options don't end there: babies also have the choice of a ski jacket and salopettes, but the ski suit remains the simplest option, perfect for wriggling around comfortably in the snow. Once a baby becomes a toddler, they can make their first snowplough down the slope, but don't forget about sunglasses and suncream, as babies need ultimate protection.


For girls, boys or babies, skiwear designs offer an explosion of trendy colors and prints. Considered as pieces of art in their own right, brands dedicate entire collections to these outfits which, it must be said, are a sensation resorts. At Melijoe, we have selected our favorite brands that will modernize your children's skiwear for colorful, lively and trendy stay in the mountains!