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Timelessy classic, Birkenstock sandals have been passed down through generations without ever going out of style. Fashionable, comfortable, effortless and modern, they adapt to every moment of the day. Whether they're going for a walk or spending the day in the playground, kids will always feel at ease in these classic shoes. All that's left to do is pick your favorite pair straight from our selection!

Without doubt, the Birkenstock sandals have become must-have items for the spring - summer season. Popular with children and parents alike, Birkenstock sandals can be worn at countless occasions for ultimate comfort thoughout the day. Time and time again, the sandals mix simplicity and modernity and better yet, each season, new versions are introduced to offer you up-to-date and on-trend styles. With matte or metallic straps, a glitter effect or a sparkling shine, the German brand retains the basics that have contributed to its success while bringing a distinct originality to inspire and truly turn heads. From size 26 up to size 30, Birkenstock strappy sandals are easy to put on, simple to clean and provide great support thanks to adjustable straps to prevent your kids from losing their shoes while running around, rock climbing or just being kids. From flats to sneakers, Birkenstock has thought of everything to satisfy your children, with either velcro fastenings or lace-up versions for older kids. All you have to do is choose your favorite pair from our selection to welcome sunny summer days with Birkenstock!