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"Essential British Kits" is the concept of the English brand, Hackett, for its line of children's clothing. Largely influenced by traditional British wardrobes, the Hackett collections follow only one thing: style. Since 1983, they've been famous for their men's collection thanks to a revised English DNA. The boy's clothing is no exception: Hackett t-shirts for boys, boys' blazers, boys' trousers, boys' polo shirts, shirts etc. will ensure that the little men have the sure-footed version of Savile Row 2.0.

Hackett: a history of elegance

"I'll always remember the day when I chose the fabric for my first made-to-measure suit. I was 7 years old," reminisces Jeremy Hackett, founder of the brand that bears his name. So, it's therefore no surprise that this 'English gentleman' brought out an essential boys' line that reflects a version of his younger self. At Hacketts, elegance is part of their family history. This British brand has brought out a 'Little Britons' line that's in keeping with the designs they produce for dads and older brothers. Their must-haves include the Aston Martin Racing collection, logo polo shirts, bomber jackets and T-shirts that sport racing driver colours: Hackett Boys is an elegant survival kit, perfect for everyday wear.

Hackett Boys: a range of classy garments

With a kids' navy blue padded jacket, smart blazer and top quality cotton shirts, this is tailoring at its best. Hackett also has a range of beige, red and navy boys' chinos for an exquisitely elegant yet laid-back look. True to its preppy roots, Hackett also has a line of long and short-sleeved rugby shirts - quintessentially English garments and everyday must-haves.

But Hackett's also winning innovative points with its 'Borrowed Wardrorbe' concept. The idea? Identical garments for 2–8 and 9–16 year-olds so that brothers of all ages can wear matching outfits. Elegant colourways, re-invented classics, iconic college-inspired designs... their range of boys' crest jumpers beautifully blend tradition with a contemporary style.

Hackett's not just about formal wear. The brand also boasts a range of casual kids' clothes that are perfect for weekends in the English countryside or after school play time. A trendy selection of fitted jeans, T-shirts, jumpers and sweatshirts that haven't lost the brand's elegant touch.