Cendry, Cendry...does that name remind you of something? An iconic princess from your childhood perhaps? Bingo! This French house creates sublime children's shoes inspired by the Cinderella fairytale. Their mission, their passion? To select the highest quality European leathers to create precious shoes for delicate young feet. Their simple and chic designs are brought to life in Paris and the shoes themselves are manufactured by genuine artisans of children's footwear in Spain.

Cendry is a brand with convictions. These convictions are very close to the heart of Octavie and Liping; one Parisian, one Chinese, both moms who struggled to find elegance, simplicity and comfort when searching for children's shoes. Inspired by the Parisian-chic style, these moms on a mission created the fashion house that they'd always dreamt of.

After pursuing studies in economy, Octavie met Loulou de la Falaise, the muse of Yves Saint Laurent. After this impressive experience - and launching the brand along with the opening of its first boutique - the young Parisian would remain a true lover of accessories. After all, it was her career for 15 years! For her very own collection, for the brands with which she would collaborate, she brought to life bags, jewelry, belts and scarves...every little touch to mark one's personal style.

Born in China, Liping set her sights on France early in her life, attracted by its world-renowned chic and elegance. After finishing her studies, she started her own family. And from this double-passion for her kids and France, she would build her business. For 15 years, she too would create accessories in China, then Europe, always with an unwavering eye for quality and style.

Together, these two ladies brought their unique talents to relaunch Cendry, the much-loved family brand so renowned in the 60s and founded by none other than Octavie's grandfather, in Dijon. It was this gentleman who was inspired by the faiytales of Cinderella and who adopted the sweet name. Cendry is the story of a meeting: that of Liping and Octavie and their Spanish business partner. For three generations, the house offers children's shoes made with the utmost love and attention to detail and quality standards. Cendry is shoes for children designed in Paris, manufactured in Spain and available at Melijoe.com!