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Carrément Beau

Carrément Beau is a French children's brand whose DNA is both classical and poetic, but never boring! The designer offers girls and boys with elegant Parisian clothing that intertwines with modernity and nostalgia. Offering dresses, t-shirts (girls and boys), and shorts. Carrément Beau provides all the basic clothing necessities and makes no compromises on quality, price, and style.

Carrément Beau style

Carrément Beau is part of the new generation of French clothing brands for children that combine tradition, modernity and affordable price tags.
The label is very creative and declares its French style with its choice of name which is something a child would say in France (something like sooo pretty). A little nod to times gone by, the world of Carrément Beau surfs the vintage trend and transports girls and boys back to, “A time that's unrecognisable to anyone under 20.”

This label has a whimsical feel, very in keeping with Parisian ultra-chic style. The codes of a classic children's wardrobe are reworked to create a 'retro-contemporary' wardrobe, both practical and comfortable, that features several children's and babies' lines: Carrément Naissance, Carrément Bleu, Carrément Cérémonie, Knitwear and the seasonal collection.

The world of Carrément Beau

For babies, Carrément Beau has a layette line for 0 to 18 months perfect for newborns. Whether a boy or girl, the new family member will love these essential sets by Carrément Beau. Colored carnation pink, ocean blue and beige, the signature colors of the baby line, pyjamas with pictures on the feet, bodysuits, blouses, dungarees and knits make up a whimsical, pastel wardrobe, designed with baby's well-being in mind.

For girls and boys the Carrément Bleu line has numerous basics in 50 different shades of blue. Indigo dresses, cobalt pleated skirts or turquoise is the essential color in stylish children's wardrobes. Always elegant, Carrément Beau's occasionwear is a great alternative to the bigger names. Pretty little party dresses for girls and suits and shirts for boys feature in this French-style mischievous party wear.

And of course, Carrément Beau unveils on-trend children's fashion collections each season. What's in store? A terribly Parisian casual style where skirts, nautical tops, shirts with claudine collars, bermuda shorts and jumpers for ages 3 to 12 flirt with relaxed style.