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Billybandit dresses adventurous boys from infants to young adolescents. Each season, the brand makes sure kids look as adventurous as they feel as they dress them with imagery of cowboys, astronauts, superheroes, and sailors. They offer t-shirts and sweatshirts, coats, sweatpants and multifunctional trousers that have a retro-spirited look. This brand screams imagination!

The Billybandit story

Chests of drawers that are filled with fun! This is how to define Billybandit, the boys' clothing line from BilliesMarket. The twin brother of Billieblush, founded in 2014 from the concept created by CWF (Children Worldwide Fashion), Billybandit responds to the same fashion philosophy: Fizzy & Funny Fashion.

Welcome to a wardrobe that little rascals will adore. Billybandit offers head to toe collections to dress modern superheroes in the making.
The French brand designs quirky shapes that add a twist to basics for creative, audacious and mischievous boys, always with the same philosophy: to create clothing for everyday life.

Full of surprises, Billybandit clothes always have a collectible element. The brand has dipped its paintbrush into a palette of primary, pop and neon colours, seamlessly blending these with more muted tones. The witty slogans and fun prints are also part of the brand's signature codes, with the designers often taking their cues from the latest menswear trends, but taking them to the next level.

The Billybandit must-haves

Billybandit punctuates each boys' collection with iconic motifs that little monsters will absolutely adore. The Billybandit sweatshirt is the mainstay. Every season, the brand brings it out in a range of different styles featuring eccentric print characters. Fabulous beasts, sumo wrestlers, super heroes, ghosts, dinosaurs, chatty extra-terrestrials... anything goes!

Billybandit is synonymous with wacky clothes with trompes l’œil details to make them multi-functional. Little detachable characters, hoods that can be used as hats, neon print motifs. The key word is fun!

And because little tearaways always have more than one trick up their sleeve, the brand offers various t-shirts with explosive motifs that allow little boys' imaginations to run riot in their secret inner world.

The brand also has two special lines: sweatpants, sweatshirts and trainers... That is to say the Billybandit sportswear line for boys, which turns them into the kings of playground trends. While the Occasional Wear line turns them into quirky dandies. We just love it!